Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Great Day

Today! Wednesday! The day that makes the rest of the weekday seem, well, bearable for us some weeks! It’s the day we leave our tiny town of 1,701 excuses me, 1,706 thanks to our arrival one year ago. And travel to the big city… population 7,897, for story time at the public library!

We started this weekly trip 24 miles east of home after we had been living here about 6 months. We had just moved into a new house. Making this the third move in 15 months, second in 6 months. We were sitting out on the back porch, just Bella, Buddy, and me. Our only neighbor on either side of us is a tiny doctors office open just a couple of days a week. As we were sitting, two ladies left out the side door of the building and made their way to their car. Bella pointed in excited haste and exclaimed, “Look mommy, people!”

Then and there I decided. By golly my children where going to come face to face with real live, in the flesh, actual people if I had change out of these sweat pants I had been living in for 6 months and take them out myself.

We have made some wonderful friends there at the library, some of which we are even on a first name basis with. There is, ‘the other Buddy’, ‘Jacob, you remember when he pushed me?’ (These are actual names, I kid you not. My kids get it right every time.). ‘Bailey, you remember when he pushed me in the swing, (blush, blush, giggle, giggle), and ‘the baby’. Yes, these have become our closest personal friends and every week we go to the library to sing songs, listen to stories, and if we are lucky we go to “macdonals” afterwards and play with our new friends and their mommies. Today was no exception… it was the whole deal, macdonals and all. I had the privilege of being at one end of two picnic style tables pushed together. I was feeding Hoss, the 10 month old crawling stomach. Having a very stimulating, albeit, slightly garbled conversation about french fries and I want to say, gorillas?. (I’m not sure how would you interpret gorrara?) While all the other mommies enjoyed a very boring grown up conversation at their end of the table about the problem with mothers-in-law!

I have to say as much as I am enjoying getting to know a few people who are old enough to drink from a cup with out looking like they just got off a ride at the water park and who can go to the bathroom without announcing to the entire room first that they need to go poo-poo. I would not trade the two toothed, slobbery jargoning of my sweet little boy for that conversation about he “joys” we get to experience as mature adults ever. Yes, Wednesdays are great days!

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