Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Note To My Family

I spent the past couple of days with my parents. My sister had a baby shower on Sunday and I thought it would be easier to attend solo. My husband, we’ll refer to him as Saint N, kept all three of our little munchkins Saturday night, all day Sunday, and most of Monday! Whenever I called to check in everyone sounded great! In fact the “saint” called a few times just to report little things that had blessed him about the kids throughout the weekend. Our oldest continues to Awe us with her acknowledgement of and curiosity about the Lord. On Sunday morning as my husband was trying to get the kids all ready for church (That’s right he took them to church all by himself. I told you, saint!) Bella was attempting to put on her dress shoes by herself and was having some trouble. Occasionally this causes an outburst of frustration with herself since she is a bit strong willed and independent. This Sunday morning however she came up with a better solution to sighing and grumbling. “Maybe I can ask God to help me put my shoes on.” She stated, and then went on. “Jesus, Jesus, He’s not coming.” She declared in exasperation. My husband, not only a saint but a very smart fella too, told her that sometimes God answers prayers by sending other people to help us and asked if he could help her put on her shoes. That was just one of many little “proud moments” he had over the last few days.

I missed my family very much while I was gone and was glad to be back. Not that I did not enjoy spending time with my parents, sister and sister-in-law. I did!

On Saturday night I was spending some time with my sil. She has 5 children who were at home with their daddy. She asked me around 9:30 if I missed my kids. I told her I did and we both remarked on how funny it was that we try to “get away” for a while and all we can do is wish we were holding one of them or could hear them laughing. They would have all been sound asleep for a couple of hours by that time of night but there is just something about knowing you are close by.

A note to my family regarding your time away from mommy:

Bella, thank you for making mommy proud this weekend and continuing to teach me to cry out to Jesus instead of sulking and “grouching”.

Buddy, Thank you for the great big hug when I got home. It made mommy feel so loved and missed.

Hoss, I’m so sorry your tummy hurt you while I was gone. I am glad you are feeling better now. Thank you for sharing your new birthday toys with your brother and sister.

N, thank you for being my hero and allowing me to do fun things while you brave a weekend alone with dynamite on caffeine (also know as our children!) I love you!

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  1. That's sweet! Love it. Isn't it amazing how our little ones open our eyes to God's power even when we can't see it?

    Glad you had some time away and are home again with your hubby and little ones!

  2. I like the new look, by the way...love the photos at the top!

  3. Wait..sorry..keep forgetting to add this..but did you just change the photo? because I miss the one with you on the internet and I just noticed it was gone.


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