Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thanks Humor-Blogs.com You’ve Created A Monster

Humor-Blogs.com in an effort to give the folks a list of the funniest blogs to find on line has managed to bring out every ugly side I never knew I had. A pity seeker, trying to gain clicks over to the Humor-Blogs.com site to increase my stats… I have found I am quite competitive. Trying to climb my way up the comical ladder to achieve ha-ha status.

I was once a friend to the fellow blogger… following the golden blogger rule like a good girl. Click on other’s humor-blog links, as you would have them click on yours. Until one day when I found myself clicking for a Humor-Blogs.com comrade who I pitied. She was in the high hundreds in her humor-blog.com score; I had made my way up to number 92 closing in on that coveted number 1 slot. (Look out 15 minute lunch only 2000 clicks to go.) What do you think happened next? This rambler from the Boondocks who I had “pity” clicked flew right past me and is now in the race for her life to make it to the front page. Making me want to take back my click and pull her one slot closer to me.

Then, if you can believe it she had the nerve to add me to her blog site as a "good read". Obviously in a subconscious effort to make me regret my previous green-eyed monster feelings and feel good about helping her work her way up. Well, I don’t feel good. I feel shame. Shame for griping to my husband every night that little miss boondockramblings.wordpress.com is now “this much” ahead of me. Shame for emailing friends and family and asking them to go click on my Humor-Blogs.com link (yep I did that), and shame for making sure that every time I mention Humor-Blogs.com in this post I include a special code so that maybe you will click on Humor-Blogs.com and that will increase my status. Thank you Humor-Blogs.com for showing me the flaws in myself that I need to change. I don’t plan on changing… I will continue to beg and plead for clicks, but at least I know where I stand.

Well what are you waiting for? Click Humor-Blogs.com.


  1. You know what .... pity click me will ya'? Bring it on lady! Bring it on because as we say in the boondocks it has been broughten! Oh yeah! We ain't got book learning, but we know how to lay the smack down on the butts of Blogging mama's. Uh-huh.

    :-) Haaaaaa! I love the post. Totally cracks me up. I'm clicking for ya' babe!

  2. You're up there lady! :-)

    Hope you know this is all in good fun. I kind of felt guilty and added a disclaimer at the bottom, worried I might offend someone -- like you for example.

    Back to my regular programing tomorrow and I'll eventually declare a truce. :-)


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