Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Filing Cabinet

Today I did some filing. Some mental filing that is. I have been furiously trying to clean my house this past week and I guess this “nesting overflowed into my brain. I put each little event of the day into tidy little files. I will share a few of them with you now.

• My 2 year old, Buddy got corrected for saying dang it, his older sister responded by saying, “I didn’t say dang it, ladies don’t say dang it. Buddy piped up with “Yep, just only mommy and daddy say it.

File that under:
If I want my son to think I am lady I should put a clamp on my potty mouth.

• My little girl triumphantly exclaimed that when she gets bigger she can tell her babies no and they will say wahhh, wahhh, wahhh. And then she let out quite the wicked little laugh.

We’ll put that one under:
Perhaps I should let her boss her little brothers around now and then, just to get it out of her system a little bit.

•My answer to Bella’s pleas to do something extra special is often times, “When you get bigger maybe you can…”

Which I will now be filing under:
Apparently I must be careful what I promise.

(Since when she finished getting herself completely dressed I exclaimed. “Good job, you are such a big girl!” She answered with such certainty. “Yea!!! Now I can drink coffee because I am bigger)

• I received a critique for a story I had submitted for review to a writers group I am a part of. The suggestion was as follows: “Nice article; I especially like the last line. Might help if it was a little clearer (less assumed humor). But seems good.”

This one I put right where it belonged:
Maybe I’m not as funny as I think I am.

Kids should not be allowed to go to the bathroom in pairs.

When your two year old asks if he can flush the potty when you have accompanied him to the bathroom to help him take care of his business. He really just wants to flush the potty. When he accompanies his 3-year-old sister to the bathroom, asks to flush the potty and after the flush you hear a lot of giggling. What he really means is can I flush the potty and then stick my hand in there and watch it swirl!

The file is full; I’m putting a lock on the cabinet and calling it a day!

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