Monday, April 14, 2008

Will Work For Peanuts

I use to get seriously annoyed with those ‘get rich quick schemers’. You know the type… always bouncing from one idea to the next. Never really following through with one before, “oh wait let’s see if this one will work.” They have always driven me nuts!

Well guess what I’ve turned out to be? No I have not become so desperate that I will move from trend to trend in hopes of making the next million. Absolutely not! As it turns out I have managed to sink much lower than this. I ashamedly wear the title of ‘make some measly chump change no matter how insane the method sounds plotter.’ Want to know what else? It aint workin’ for me. Over the course of nearly 30 days my adsence ads have tallied a grand total of (drum roll please) ……… .05cents! (If anyone has any ideas for how I can spend this mad money I am open to suggestions.) This is not the first of many of my crazy adventures for loose pocket change and I’m still brain storming. So I humbly make my apologies to you get rich quick schemers who have actually worked hard enough to earn a pretty penny. And will go on living my shameful life as the mother who worked a 70 hour work week and was able to buy her kids something from the gum ball machine… for all three of them to share!

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