Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Because You Said So

Back to McDonald’s today for our weekly play/mom stuffing her face group. It was much less eventful than last week. In my opinion where kids are involved uneventful is Always a good thing.

Bella, who is becoming increasingly more independent every day, I mean she’s dating now for goodness sakes, left the play area at McD’s, and opened that great big heavy bathroom door all by herself. I interrupted my conversation with one of the other mommies to go turn on the light for Bella and before I reached the bathroom door she had already reached up and turned on the light herself. Okay, cool. She can now officially go to a public bathroom all by herself. That’s one down!

A few minutes later I saw her coming out of the bathroom. Fully clothed this time. I was a bit surprised after last week’s incident of coming out of the McDonald’s bathroom in nothing but a t-shirt. Not to mention she had been in and out of there very quickly. I assumed she had just gone in to play for a minute and so I began my probing questions. I didn’t have to ask too many before getting to the bottom of things.

“Bella, did you go potty.”

Bella, “Yes.”

I was so proud; she had gone and then had remembered to pull up her pants before exiting into a room full of people.

“Did you wipe?”


“But you pulled up your pants.” I stated, as if she hadn’t realized. Surely I was catching her in a lie. She had been in there playing, and avoiding being in trouble for it, she was pretending to have gone to the bathroom. Right? Well let’s just see about that.

“Yes I did.” She smiled proudly.

I guided her into the bathroom, and helped her get her pants down. According to a damp pair of panties, she was not lying. Bella had, in fact, gone potty and then had proceeded to pull up her panties and pants… without wiping. As I was doing my panty investigation an innocent voice asked, “Mommy, can you wipe me please so I can hurry up and go play?”

For some reason my, usually very smart, little girl has not yet figured out that it takes more time to come track me down to ask me to come wipe her than it does to just wipe herself and then hurry up and get back to what she was doing. Besides I have seen her wipe, I am MUCH more thorough and therefore much slower at it. But, alas I am super-mom. I make wiping seem quicker I guess.

I was just about to start in on a lecture when, a very proud Bella exclaimed, “I remembered to pull up my pants before I came out to get you!”

What did it matter that she now had damp stinky undergarments on. She had remembered to be obedient to what I had asked her to do. Not only that she had done it with great pleasure and pride. I will happily spend the next 5 days applying desitin to a raw little bum for the sake of a moment of great obedience.

Incidentally our little friend J, from last week was not there today. Supposedly because he is sick, but I know it is because he now fears me. My little Buddy did a fine job taking up the slack in J’s absence. He stole a toy car from his little brother. He did, however, give it back when I told him to. Buddy learned a long time ago not to mess with me. I am sure J will come around too. ;0)

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  1. Haha. I'm already dreading the potty training. I wish I could skip that part. She's already halfway training, but still in diapers so I can skip the public bathrooms.

    Thanks for visiting my site, also. I've only been blogging a couple of weeks and I appreciate visitors. Thanks for your prays too.


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