Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Filing

Friday Filing again. For those of you that are new this is when I put away, in their own little files, the little things that happened throughout my week, thoughts in my head, or things my children have said:

Apparently I only had one thought in my head all week so that is all that will be appearing in this week's Friday Filing.

I HATE, in public restrooms, those toilets that flush automatically. Yes, it's nice to not have to touch anything in those disgusting stalls that you don't have to, What I hate however, is when I am sitting there doing my thing and right there in the middle of it all the toilet flushes. I'm not done. I haven't gotten up yet. I feel like I am at the Oscar's giving a speech and someone decides, all right that's it. You've been given sufficient time and now it is time to wrap things up.

File this under: Trust me you will KNOW when this big bum has left the vicinity.


  1. not to mention having to pull your panties up over a wet bum or trying to dry off with a piece of toilet tissue.

    Maybe your bum is so lightl it doesn't register on the toilet seat.

    The one and only mom of bloggling brooks

  2. Ha ha! I have a friend whose neice is so afraid of those automatic flushies that she has a complete melt down if she's even near them.

    I admit, they freak me out a little too...

  3. ROFLMAO..........omg..this is good and SOOO true!

    I love having to race the flush to get the paper to get sucked down the hole! WOOHOO!

    Stop by my blog sometime - you may (or may not) find it just as humorous? :)

    Linking you!


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