Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Filing

Did some more mental filing again today. The little things that happened throughout my week or things my children said, I put away in their own little files.

When daddy asked Buddy if he had had a good day with mommy Buddy replied, “Yes, I was very brave.”

File that under:
A day with mommy must be a very scary thing. Trying now to remember if I had put on make up that day. That could frighten children of any age.

Bella was having a difficult time going poo-poo the other day. She called me in to the bathroom and asked if I would pray that God would help her go potty. I prayed. She went.

Which I will now be filing under:
If God can help the offspring of a Dearinger and/or Brooks go poop He really can do ANYTHING!

I opened a drawer in the kitchen, came face to face with a man-eating roach who stuck his tongue out at me and said pthhhh!

We’ll put that one under:
Perhaps they have built up an immunity to the roach motels. Perhaps I should clean my house more often since every other blog of mine involves a rodent, bird or insect making them selves at home in my house.

Bella asked at least a half a dozen times as I was getting her ready for bed Tuesday night (while N and Buddy were at the ER) if Buddy would be there in the morning when she woke up. Buddy was “talking to” an imaginary Bella the whole way home from the ER.

The File Tab reads:
My children are like a little old married couple. (But I think it’s really sweet)

Bella has a doll that cries when you take the pacifier out of it’s mouth. (This all on it’s own deserves a file, maybe: Why did we bring more things into our home that cry?) Buddy was playing with it the other day and every time the baby would cry Buddy would inform me it was because it was trying to go potty. He did this because our baby, Hoss, has a terrible constipation problem and when he does finally go it is a huge stool that makes him scream and cry while he is passing it. (It is really very sad… we are looking into it)

Filed under:
This is why the file: “If God can help the offspring of a Dearinger and/or Brooks go poop He really can do ANYTHING!” exists.

And now it is the weekend!!!! We will all be home all weekend together!! WOOO HOOO! I think N has to go take care of a couple of things from time to time throughout the day but we will basically all be together all day!

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