Thursday, May 8, 2008

Friday Filing

Friday Filing again. For those of you that are new (and I know there aren’t any of you since I think only a select few family members and one friend, who must have nothing better to do are the only ones that read this blog) this is when I put away, in their own little files, the little things that happened throughout my week or things my children have said:

I walked into the kitchen the other day to find Buddy painting Bella’s face with ranch dressing. The brush, a celery stick.

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Who say’s kids can’t enjoy their veggies?

I was trying to read blogs and feed Hoss at the same time yesterday. Apparently I got lost in a blog because I looked over and discovered that Hoss had resorted to eating his own foot.

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Was it just me or did he seem to be enjoying the foot more than what I had cooked for him?

I sat nervously at the table as my husband got caught up on my blog. He had not read it in several days and had missed a few of my personal favorites. It was very apparent to me as he read that he did not snicker, not even once. Like a good wife, I did say a word about it. Instead I let it fester and boil up inside of me before “casually” bringing it up in conversation days later. His response: that I am just so funny that he has had to learn to build up a resistance to my humor otherwise he would be laughing hysterically all of the time.

File Tab Reads:
My husband is full of crap

How many preservatives are actually in fast food french fries?

This is where I filed this little story. Buddy was telling us over and over again how hungry he was during a trip in the car. Bella kindly responded that she would give him some french fries. Because they are often times make believing that they are cooking, eating, or ordering food, I told her that was very sweet of her to “share” her fries with her brother and made a mental note to get Buddy a snack when we got to the store as we did not have any food in the car. Including NO french fries. Glancing back minutes later to check on my little darlings who were being so peacefully quiet I found them to be eating REAL fries. I then went on to discover that they were getting them out of Bella’s cup holders that pull out of her booster seat. (use to think those were handy, now realizing it is just a perfect little hiding place for all kinds of things) We had not had french fries in the car for days. Yuck!

Found this advertisement on the wonderful world wide web: Who Else Wants A Step -By - Step Hold You By The Hands Until You Succeed Potty Training Method That is Guaranteed To Have Your Son Or Daughter Potty Trained In 3 Days Or Less

My guaranteed potty training system sells for only $7 and works no matter what. It doesn't matter if your child is a boy or girl. It doesn't matter if you have one child or twins. It doesn't matter if your child is 2 or 5. It doesn't matter if your child suffers from autism or other delays. It doesn't even matter if your child is not born yet or if you have a strong willed child.

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So does this mean if my child has not learned to use the toilet while still in utero I will get my money back? It says it is guaranteed!


  1. My husband NEVER says anything about what he reads on my blog and it drives me crazy. I need feedback to stroke my ego, you know. Argh!

  2. You crack me up. My hubby says stuff, but he tries to keep it to himself or it will end up on my blog.

    Also, ... get know how you had some "issues" at humor blogs? Well now my profile is completely gone. This is the second weird thing to happen to me. I think Diesel hates me. *pout*


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