Thursday, May 8, 2008

Very MUCH Bloggling

I have a confession to make. I have been unfaithful to my own blog today in pursuit of other blogs. I have not spent anytime with my own blog but have left comments all over the blogging community during the spare seconds that I had today, which as you mothers know, in mommy world that usually ads up to about a minute and a half. I have now returned to her... him? (I don’t know I haven’t really decided on a gender for my blog… you know what it’s moody, it’s fickle and it often is prone to much rambling… yep, it’s a girl.) Okay with that settled I have returned to her. But… to save myself some time as I am trying to get packed for a weekend away I am going to be posting some of my comments that I left on other blogs and maybe commenting a little bit on my own comments. Apparently I just can’t get enough of ME and what I have to say, also just a few other random thoughts from my day. (You’re Welcome!) So here it goes:

I was commenting to Diary of a Mad, Mad Housewife about her recent trip to a knitting convention type thing and how people tend to think knitters are a little strange. I said:

I am headed to a scrap booking retreat this weekend. We too have a similar bad rap and the sad part is there is nobody cool who crops. Unless you know of some linebacker who sits on the sidelines embellishing photos of fellow teammates, I don’t. So I think we are in this strange group all by our strange selves.

I really do think it is a shame that no one has made this hobby cool. I mean who wouldn’t want to knit? Julia Roberts does it, Madonna does it, and professional athletes do it. Just for kicks I googled “Celebrities that Scrapbook”, I came up with Cathy Zielske. Anyone ever hear of her? Exactly!

Moving right along. I checked out my status with today. As I do every day (after announcing to my husband at the beginning of the week that I was going to quit obsessing over my status on See this post Thanks, You’ve Created a Monster for insight into why I must stop obsessing) I freaked out over what I saw and emailed my pal from boondockramblings to whine to her about it. Again, to save myself some time from having to actually retell about my frustration, I will just share with you what I emailed to her: (Things in [ ] have been added just now for the purpose of this post)

Okay, I have to vent and you are the only one I "know" that will understand and not think I am crazy. Okay, you're going to think I am crazy but you at least know what clicking and scores and all that stuff is and my sweet, sweet husband pretends to know what the heck I am talking about but I see the glazing over of the eyes taking place!

So here's the deal, and I know this means nothing to the high and mighty holding their own in the top 20s in humor blogs [boondockramblings is right now sitting pretty at number 13] but humor me... (Yep, pun intended) Okay, my point. I WAS number 41 with a score of 80 and somehow I am NOW number 45 with a score of... are you ready for this... 79!!!! [The way the scoring works, every time someone clicks on my humor-blog link on this page I get a point and I then move up in my rank. 80, was how many points I had wich made my rank number 41] What the heck! How in the world did that happen? Did someone unclick me? I can't be unclicked! Apparently if you can be unclicked on humor-blogs... I will be the one it will happen to! I'm so bewildering confused I may even blog about this.

In fact I am running a little short on time as I am getting ready to head out of town [told you] I may just copy and paste this email into my blog and call it a day. [Like I just did] Except I won't paste the part about pasting this into my blog. That would just be retarded. [Or maybe I will]

You know what else is retarded? Dropping from a score of 80 down to stinking 79! UGH!!!

Okay, I feel better... you know what I really don't feel better. But thanks for letting me vent to you. Are your eyes glazed over yet?

Ridiculously perplexed - Sarah

...You know you could say this is all very mind bloggling... hahahahahahahahahahaha... see I am so fantastically funny, don't you think I deserve a score of 80?

I have not yet heard back from the rambler. Either she is so overcome with laughter from the hilarity of my last comment that she cannot compose herself enough to email me back. Or she is, right now, changing her email address and blocking me from being able to comment on her blog because I have frightened her with my stupidity. I’ll let you know when I find out which is true!

I sent an email a few weeks ago to See Mike Draw about an idea for a cartoon that I had. I got a VERY NICE email back today letting me know that he’d be happy to draw something up if and when he has time. I scrolled down to read my original email to him (don’t tell me I am the only one who does this) and I was just a wee bit mortified. My idea was so stupid. I did tell Mike in the email that I was not sure if the idea for the cartoon was even funny since, as a mother I get very little sleep. And the majority of my daily interactions are with a three year old, who categorizes her poop into family members (For more on that see this post One Big Crappy Family) a two year old, who’s favorite things to do right now include tackling his twelve month old brother at full force, licking my face, and grabbing on to his twelve month old brother’s feet while he is trying to crawl. And a twelve month old, who spends so much of his day being knocked over in a full forced tackle and trying to crawl while someone is holding on to his feet (both of which he thinks are funny… except when he doesn’t) that he does not have time for me. These interactions, coupled with the lack of sleep equal limited brain activity. Thank you Mike for your polite response in spite of the stupid idea.

So that is it, that is what I accomplished today, and all in a minute and a half. Impressive, I know!

So, how did I do Daddy? How many mistakes did you find? My dad informed me the other day that he is enjoying my blog but he has found numerous grammar errors. I did remind him that I was home schooled. My mom hates that joke but it does very well at parties, I use it often.

If you care to make up for the unclicking that somebody did for me at humor-blogs click on this link


  1. I discovered that if you hold down the option key (alt for you uncool pc people) when you click, it will actually unclick. I do this frequently when I read stuff about our family's disgustions [sic] and home schooling and stuff. If you make it to the front page, I may have to go into the witness protection program.


    p.s. just kidding about the option click (but not about uncool pc people).

  2. Let me just say as your homeschooling mama, I did the best I could with what I had to work with. what is it your grandma used to say "You can lead a horse to water but......... haha!

    Love ya baby roo! mom

  3. I TOTALLY scroll down to see what I e-mailed someone when they respond!! And like you, sometimes I wish I could take it back because I sound like a complete idiot!!

    I still haven't gone over to Humor Blogs even though you've talked about it a few times. I get easily obsessed and I think my husband would shoot me if I started a new one!! :)

  4. I know this won't help, but your score is now 77. :/ Probably the score rolls out older votes, so you have to keep fresh funnies to keep your score. Kinda like money: No matter how much you earned last week, it all got spent...and then the IRS found you!

    I tried clicking for you, but it treated me like a stranger. Well, I am, even if they knew me. :) Speaking of knowing me, I'm not the same michael as the one who signs "Dad." (Please don't anybody ask "who's your--" Never mind!)

    Um, happy belated Mothers' Day!

  5. Personally, I think if your parents are going to point out your grammatical errors, it's okay for you to point out that you were home schooled. It's only fair.

    Michael "Also not your dad" Stevens


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