Friday, May 23, 2008

Mother's Day, The Queen Is In

*NOTICE: The office is closed for the weekend due to the Memorial Day Holiday. Therefore NO Friday Filing will be done today. I know. You’re heartbroken.

Well, I did not post a mother’s day message on Mother’s Day. Why? Because I am a terrible daughter! So, to make up for it I want to say a belated Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome mama! I love you mommy! Thanks for being the best motherer (shut up, it’s a word now, I just made it one.) there is. And, one of my very best friends!

In my defense I did travel 100 miles to spend Mother’s Day weekend with my mom. (Okay, I did it a little bit for myself too, since I was going to spend the weekend at a scrap booking retreat with her) And, in my defense, I made her a card. Then I left the card at home and had to make her another card on Mother’s Day using my mother’s supplies. But I made it and it was pretty. So there!

I also want to show you what I got for Mother’s Day. I got back home on Sunday afternoon and up on the china hutch was a card, my gift and this

MY HUSBAND DECORATED THAT HIMSELF! I AM SO IMPRESSED! He then saved the rest of the glitter and gems for me to use for a craft project of my own someday. Does this guy know me, or what? Thank you N! I love you too!

Occasionally at naptime, the kid’s, not mine. (According to every parenting book I can get my hands on a new mother should sleep when the baby sleeps. Especially when that mother is nursing. I have not been able to find, anywhere, a book that goes on to say that once the kids are feeding themselves, cleaning up after themselves and for all intents and purposes completely independent of you, you still need to continue to nap when they do. And BELIEVE ME, I’VE LOOKED!) So, during naptime, I put on my little crown and wear it as I go about my daily chores. This poses a problem from time to time, however. Sometimes, while I am wearing the crown, I start to feel a bit royal. And then I think to myself. “What am I doing folding laundry? Don’t I have servants (my husband) to fold the laundry for me?” And so, leaving the laundry, I retire to my throne. (The bed… the sliver of bed that is not currently covered with unfolded laundry.) I gingerly nibble on the grapes being hand fed to me. (Chex mix shoveled in by the fist full… MY fistful.) And look on as the court jester (television) entertains me. (Lulls me to sleep).

I am assuming this is all okay with the servant… oops… I mean my husband. As he is the one who bought and decorated my royal attire. I saw this as a message to me, from him personally, to act like the royalty that he knows I am. Please don’t ask him as he is busy with his servantly duties. (I know he will laugh in your face until he is crying and then will come and inform me that I am wrong and I will be forced to get back to folding laundry. And I hate folding laundry!) I do so love to wear my crown though.

I took a picture of me in my crown to show you, but somehow it got erased. (I took one look at it, noticed a massive amount of flaws and shivered. Bad skin, hair, doing unexplainably strange things, and a lot of fat… not to mention several chins, I think it’s one for each of our children, and decided nobody, would ever see that picture) Sorry about that!


  1. Thank you for making my mother's day complete! To your readers - I tried, really I did but she turned out to be a nut anyway.

    I can vouch for the handsful of chex mix or somedays M & M's

    Love ya, Roo - mom

  2. I did my mom post way after the fact too...just makes the whole mother's day thing drag out as long as possible. And that's a good thing, right?

    Love the crown. LOVE that your hubby made it. So cute.

    Love that you call your mom the best motherer (oh, it IS a word now--two people have used it) and one of your best friends.

  3. Mama, glad I could complete your Mother's Day 2008. That's what I am here for! Love you!

    Cecily, I try to drag out my own mother's day, birthdays... anything having to do with me, as long as possible!

    The crown is pretty awesome, isn't it!!


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