Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One Big Crappy Family

For some reason my family life has always kind of centered around the toilet. I grew up in a family that thought bathroom humor was the funniest kind. We still seem to think that way. My husband thought it to be a little strange at first but he is slowly joining the ranks. Lately I’ve noticed that it goes far beyond just the humor. We are a poop-focused family. I for sure am a guilty party. It is in my blogs, my blog comments, and my telephone conversations. And it is catching on with my children. I cannot change a poopy diaper without an audience. If one of the kids smells it, or catches wind (hehe, ridiculous excuse for a pun, very much intended.) that I am changing a “dirty” diaper they have to come and inspect. “I see poo poo, I see poo poo!” As my middle child always says, meaning he wants a chance for a closer look. We have made up several dirty diaper songs. You know how you just kind of make up songs with your kids as you are going through the day. Well my husband pointed out to me some time back that a huge majority of my made up songs, are about poop. It must just be so ingrained in me. My daughter puts her poops into little families based on the size of each piece. For instance if she has two larger pieces and one smaller one in the potty she will assign them their titles, a daddy poop, a mommy poop, and a little baby poop. She always calls me into the bathroom to meet the newest poop family.

My youngest son, as I mentioned in a previous post is having a lot of problems with constipation and I happened to have discussed this with his doctor on my birthday on Monday. We discussed what the next step might have to be if his newest medicine doesn’t work. For the rest of the day every family member of mine that called to wish me a happy birthday had to hear in detail about Hoss’s potty problems. And each one of them had advice for me based on their own bowel problems. One sent me her remedy in the mail. Another is bringing something for Hoss the next time he comes to town and others suggested dietary alternatives. Apparently we have all had enough “crappy” problems that we have all had to find what works for us. Maybe I just haven’t gotten comfortable enough with my husbands side of the family to know if it is just a normal thing to share all the crap in your life with fellow family members, or if my own family is just a little bit strange.

**As if I did not have enough examples in this post of how strange my family is when it comes to using the toilet, my 2 year old was just a few minutes ago sitting on the pot and asked for me to come wipe him. Before I even had a chance to head back to the kid's bathroom, his three year old sister exclaimed, "I'll go wipe him" and went running off for the bathroom. Fortunately I can run faster than my 3 year old... at least so far and I was able to avoided a craptastrophe.**

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  1. I, too have suffered the same affliction, myself, and with close friends and family. I suggest you seek help immediately.


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