Monday, May 5, 2008


Well, today is my birthday. This is the year I begin counting backwards from the age I was yesterday.

Has anyone noticed that Birthday's pretty much stink when you get older? The whole world did not stop today to cater to my every whim and celebrate me. My children did not wake up today and think, "Hey, today is Mommy's birthday, I think I will be on my best behavior." I still had to get up and make breakfast, change diapers, and make my bed. I always like to feel extra pretty on my birthday. It took 3 pair of pants to find a pair that fit me this morning though. Apparently my pants did not get the memo that I had lost 2lbs over the weekend.

I took the kids to the doctor for the baby to get his shots. He turned 1 yesterday... see mushy, squishy, adorable pictures below. He kicked so hard on the last shot that the needle came out of his leg, medicine spewing everywhere. That was with the nurse and I both holding him down. At least I know he's strong.

Then we went to "Mart" and I ended up getting the big kids each a toy because they were so good at the doctor's office even with our long wait. So on MY birthday I got THEM a gift. (okay so it was a little bit for me because I love seeing them get so excited over something new, but if I admit that it will seriously get in the way of my birthday pity party) I did come home to a pretty funny comment on my myspace page from my best friend from High school. He said:

Happy B-day!! other wise known as cinco de mayo, which is when the mexican people celabrate the liberation of Sarah from the clutches of the womb of Lorie! see i do know my history!!

Thanks for caring Mexico! Wish America cared too, just a little.

My mom also called me first thing to wish me a happy birthday. Which was very nice and made me feel loved. And I know my husband has something special planned for this evening. But it would still be nice if the entire day could be about me.

If you want to do something nice for me for my birthday click on my humor-blog below and MAYBE increase my stats. (although I am not sure it will make a difference since it does not seem to be keeping up with my stats, but hey couldn't hurt to try!)


  1. Happy birthday to you! And just because I want you to have a happy birthday that is all about you, I'm going to click on your humor blogs! Yeah!

    Have a good day!

  2. Hope you had a great birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!

  4. Sorry I'm so stinking late to the party, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway!!!

    Incidentally my grandmother has been 27 since she was...27. It was her favorite year and so she's stayed that age for 60 years. Do what you want.

    Have a great birthday WEEK. :)


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