Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Green Bean Glee

I have been having a heck of a time getting my 13 month old to eat certain foods, most of all green beans. He will not eat them! He and I have gone round and round. Well today I decided, by golly I'm the mommy, I'm in charge, I am going to win this battle! And so after a loooooooooong day of it at 2:30 this afternoon Hoss had about 5 green beans!!!!

I wanted to call my husband and share the news but he is at work and probably should not be disturbed with what our children ate today. I usually try to save those really important, disruptive phone calls for things like, "Whaaaaa, I chewed out a six year old, Whaaaaaa!"

Anyway, so then I wanted to call my mom, who also knew of my green bean struggles. But, alas, she too is at work today. So about an hour later around a bowl of popcorn and juice, I decided to share with Bella the good news! Sure, she's only 3 1/2 but I figure, she's been there for all the tears and fit throwing over green beans, (I know it is very immature of me to throw a fit over uneaten green beans but you don't understand how stubborn he was being) And so I thought maybe she would understand a little bit about how excited I was.

To my surprise when I said, "Oh hey, guess what Bella? Hoss ate green beans this afternoon!" Bella let out a hearty, "WoooHooo!" Ran to pat Hoss on the head and said, "Good Job! I'm so proud of you!"

That was exactly the response I was wanting from someone, as it so expressed how I was feeling! Thanks Bella!!

Be sure to check out Bella's super cute flower girl pictures and the story of how the flower girl stole the bride's thunder in the post below!


  1. Bella sounds so cool! - what a gem! well done on winning the bean battle - i am afraid i don't have your stamina and if something gets refused i either give up or disguise it in some baked beans

  2. Bella just cracks me up. So glad you found someone to celebrate with you. Now, if only I could get Jonathan to eat green beans at all!

  3. I'm 26 years old and my wife and my mom still can't get me to eat green beans. So you deserve a lot of credit for getting your son to eat them.


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