Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Meal, Ticked Off Mom

One of my friends from our McDonald’s playgroup called me today. We didn’t go last week because of Vacation Bible School so Tracy filled me in on all I missed.

You would think that a group of mommies getting together for their little children to play would be an innocent affair, apparently not so with this bunch. I know I have filled you in on some or our excitement over the past few months, we just seem to be stirring up more and more trouble over there at the home of the beloved Happy Meal.

Without going into WAY TOO MUCH detail, let me just leave it at this. After a confrontation between, my friend and another mother at the Play Place, which began over a typical childish conflict between the children. My friends were flipped off through the window. (By the other mother) Were the victims of a stuck out tongue and rear-end wagging through the window (by the other mother’s daughter, wonder where she gets that attitude). And were then invited via hand gestures to come out and fight (again, other mother) Wow!

McDonald’s employee witnesses altercation, tells manager, police are called. (I kid you not, three cop cars showed up) My friends were asked if charges were to be pressed. (Friends said “No.”) Now one of the families may not be returning for our Wednesday playgroup because one of her daughters does not want to go back. Big Bummer! Hopefully they will change their minds. Never knew I would be living on such a wild side hanging out with a couple of gals from story time, but there you have it.

The saga continues tomorrow. Find out what happens next on “As the Slide Spirals”. Dun, dun, duh…


  1. Don't cha remember me telling you when you were a little girl "Happy Meals aren't good for you". See I knew what I was talkin' about. Mom knows best. love ya roo

  2. Hmmm ... the UnHappy Meal ... served with tongue and flank and a surprise finger food. Comes in a large bag with attitude.

    Sarah, you can't quit going to McDonald's. This is fertile ground for blogging material.


  3. Wow. That's all I can say. Wow.

    Seriously, put a bunch of women together and ... yikes. It can be scary.

    I mean, I love our sex and everything, but there are times we can just be caddy and witchy and downright mean.

    But don't tell any men I said that. Whoo-hoo. They would just love to hear about that.

    Have to go over to Sprite's Keeper, where she is about to rip her husband for playing "war games" or something. Cooool....come join us in "trashing" men. Just kidding, Dad!

    Seriously, when is the man going to get his own blog? He's sooo funny!

  4. Oh..just found his church page. I'm going to go check that out!Not like a blog, but it will have to do for now.

    I'm not stalking your dad by the way. Please don't call the police....really...I'd hate to wag my butt out the window at you or something.

  5. Looking forward to any playground stories this evening. Have fun!

  6. Sarah, I think I would find some other friends to play with.....GG

  7. Mama, I'm sorry were you under the impression that I was listening to you back then? ;0P

    Daddy, By George, I think you may be on to something. We could make millions off the UnHappy Meal!

    How knew the most exciting part of my week would boil down to and hour and a half of greasy food, bathroom 'incidents', and attitude. I might as well just stay home for that.

    Jonny's Mommy, Careful, my daddy is going to have to buy new shirts if his head gets any bigger.

    Jenn, I think I could use a break from having playground stories to tell. I am looking forward to a boring old time.

    Granny Pooh, They are a wild bunch, aren't they! But then again I've always tried to surround myself with people that reminded me of you.

  8. I KNOW! It's WHO knew! You don't have to send me an email alerting me of that mistake daddy. I am sure there are many others to point out however!

  9. Oh, I'm glad you cleared that up, Sarah. I just thought you knew some Chinese fellow but I was wondering how How knew about the most exciting part of your week. I was about to call N.


  10. Who's to say I don't. Who's to say How doesn't

  11. I'm taking notes here ... let's see ... "caddy and witchy and downright mean". I think I can work that into a sermon or blog or my next men's meeting or HEY, I could save it to use on my wife next fight. Thanks, Jonny's mommy. You've just made a lot of men very happy not to mention vindicated.

    You have also challenged me to be more consistent with my blog (journal). Thanks for the push. I'm working on one right now. Well, gotta go. Gotta go look up "caddy". Dad

  12. Uh, I would just like to say that I have been challenging you to be more consistent with your blog for months and gotten nowhere. The next time you and mama use the whole, "...sure but when somebody else says it she listens" speech, I will be reminding you of this.


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