Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Popping In, Popping Out

Hi all! We have been very busy the past several days which is the reason I have not spent too much time in the blog world. N's aunt came to visit us over the weekend, and Monday started off with a week of Vacation Bible School at our church. I am teaching a class and my children are attending as well. They have had a blast, I have had a blast! We have all come home in the afternoon completely warn out and ready for a nap!
One of my favorite things about VBS has been that every day has it's own little theme and we come dressed accordingly. For instance, Monday was "Tacky Tourist Day".

(I could not find my touristy hat anywhere, Grr!)

Tuesday was "Wacky Hat Day" I did not get a picture of any of us in our hats. I wore the crown my husband made me for Mother's Day!

And today was, my favorite, "Crazy Hair Day"

(The back of Bella's head.)

I did not take the time to fix Hoss' hair(s) as there are only three of them.

Tomorrow is "Pajama Day" and as I am sure you have all seen kids in their pj's, I will most likely not post pictures of that. As adorable a sight as it is. Friday we wear the shirts we decorated today! Fun! Fun! All week long!

Forgive me if I do not make it back on here for a few more days. Next week should be a little quieter! (Please Dear God, let it be!!) And I will be back to my regularly scheduled typing... I think!


  1. I always enjoyed crazy hair day. I have too much hair and can do all sorts of crazy stuff with it. I like the tacky tourist outfit, too. Very tacky. LOL. Have fun.

  2. hey sarah brooks,

    forgive me for saying this, but that pic is scary

    though living in nueva yawk, i get to see a lot of that...unironically.

    rock on,



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