Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slim In 6 the Review (part 1)

A totally humbling if not humiliating moment for me is coming up here.

My sister-in-law, who let me just say, after 5 kids in 6 years is completely gorgeous and in ridiculously good shape, was telling me about a work out video she was doing that, so far she was enjoying. Slim In 6. No this is not a pay per post. Although I wish it was.

I decided to try it too as I have much more to lose than she does even though my youngest is 3 months older than her baby. And I only had 3 kids in the last 3 years. Did I ever mention I loath my sis-in-law?

We thought it would be a great idea to hold each other accountable. Let me tell you that was a great idea. Many nights, (for some crazy reason that is when I find the best time to work out) I just DO NOT want to do my video. But then there is that little voice in the back of my head saying, “But you told Crista you would.” Often times that voice is my husband. Occasionally it is my personal subconscious. More times than not I can’t tell the difference between the two.

This is how the video works. There are three different levels. Obviously you start with the easiest level and work your way up. You work out 6 days a week for 6 weeks and are supposed to see great results. So far I am 2 weeks and 1 day into it. And I have seen some results. Which is scary to admit considering the photo I am about to show you. I use to look even worse. Mind you, I don’t think anyone else would notice the difference it’s made for me yet because it has not been that much. And, I am hoping I measured wrong but so far I seemed to have gained an inch in my stomach so far. Hmm!

So my plan to further motivate myself to keep this up is to blog about it. Lucky you! I will be posting before and after pictures and updating you on my results. Try to contain your excitement.

Now, I was scolded for not warning people before posting pictures of my husband’s nasty thumb wound. Which is healing quite nicely by the way. So I am warning you now. If you have small children you may want to ask them to leave the room. If you have a weak stomach, avert your eyes. If you plan on using these pictures for blackmail, dart board practice, punch lines, etc. I have attached a virus, clicking on the picture to drag, copy or to manipulate in any other way will destroy your computer. You’ve been warned. Let me also say before posting the pictures (and these may all just be stall tactics) that I have worked very hard over the last 20 years or so to dress in a manner that hides my problem areas (you know pretty much ME) and accentuates my better assets. (i.e. my left pinky) Not saying I’ve done a very good job of it but it has been one of my biggest goals in life. Fabulous priorities, I know. So this photo is about to show the world (okay, let’s not get carried away, mom, dad, grandma, husband, and a few bums with nothing better to do… just kidding, please don’t quite reading bums, err, friends.) The not as well covered up side of me. (No, there will not be any nudity.) Here is my before (well 2 weeks into it) photo

Also my measurements when I started. Again, humbling moment.

Waist 27 inches

Hips 37 inches (Ouch, it pains me to admit that, although it wouldn’t take a genius to guess that. I am a Dearinger after all)

Thighs 21 ½ inches

Now 2 weeks later

Waist (apparently) 27 ½ inches - gained ½ inch?? (But was 28 last week.) I am hoping I just measured wrong when I started. I miss my pre baby belly. Though it is so totally worth it.)

Hips 36 ½ - lost ½ an inch (WooHoo!!)

Thighs 21 ½ - Same

I am sure this is of no interest to any of my faithful readers. Please feel free skip over these posts, as they will be appearing at least once a week for the next 4 weeks. This is to keep my motivated. I know if I make it so public I will have to work hard at this.

And FYI, I just started the second video tonight. (Not sure if it was supposed to take me a whole 2 weeks to get through the first but it did, oh well) And Oh My Gosh it was hard! I know Crista warned me but OH MY GOSH!

Next update on Tuesday.

I will be in trouble for this post. My husband hates it when I say mean things about myself. Isn’t that sweet? I think it is! I am also hoping by mentioning how sweet I think it is he will be less upset with me. I love you N! xoxoxoxo

Two posts in one day, making up for the last couple of weeks!


  1. I guess I'll be one of the bums that quits reading... okay, I'm still here. Sorry. Haha.

    Your "before" picture is NOT bad at all. I won't be posting a before picture but I am going to start eating healthy and exercising. That workout dvd sounds pretty cool. I wonder if I can find it around here?

    I understand about exercising at night, too. That's the only time I have any time. I'm always too tired and have to force myself.


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