Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Slim In 6 the Review (part 2) and Me Time

Here it is, week 3 of Slim in 6. The second week of my review and update.

My measurements are now

Waist - 27" (That's another 1/2" off)
Hips - 36 1/2" (Same as last week)
Legs - 20" (That's a whopping 1 1/2" this week off my my legs, WOW!)

I missed 2 days in a row of working out, which I felt very guilty about, because I had a bit of a stomach bug but I am back at it now.

I also went to visit my parents over the weekend, always a good time. My fantastic husband came up with the idea for me to have a weekend off and so he kept the kids at home with him and I got to play, sleep in, and scrapbook for 2 whole days! It was awesome! As is N.

That's it for now! More to come!

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  1. Sounds like you're doing pretty good with your exercise. That's great! I told myself that I will do something tonight, even if I don't have time to exercise as much as I think I should.

    I wish someone would give me 2 days off. I'm jealous. :) I like to scrapbook, also, but I haven't had time recently.


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