Thursday, June 5, 2008

This One Gets A Bloody Thumbs Down

My husband, N, has worked construction for about 8 years with very few injuries, Thank the Lord! 2 days ago he got his thumb caught in a chop saw. Luckily the blade was not going very fast. Had it been he would probably never be able to hitchhike or give one of his kids a thumbs up. Or perhaps it would have been the end to a future career as a movie reviewer. (I guess there's always the other thumb.) Instead it just took a major chunk of flesh and he will be back for a lively game of thumb wars before you know it.

Wish I had thought to take pictures of it right after it happened. This is more than 30 hours later and it is looking much better. But still pretty nasty if you ask me.


  1. Ouch! That does look rough. Glad it wasn't any worse.

  2. Dang girl, warn us before you flash things up there like that! :-)

    My dad had his finger pinched in a stabilizer on a truck at work. His pinky to be exact. It was a huuuge crisis and he ended up in so much pain afterwards and surgery, etc. He can't straighten it now and that has been about seven years or something.

  3. N is one tough least most of it still there. Sarah you need to tell him that he knows better than to do that. do you think he was thinking about it being blogged when he did it:-)

  4. no disrespect, but that made me feel a little, erm, ill. Your poor hubby though - glad it wasn't worse


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