Monday, June 30, 2008

This Past Week In Pictures (A Lot of Pictures)

Tuesday the yard boy, otherwise known as my husband, got things looking spiffy around the house. This meant fun in the sprinkler for the kids.

Why stop playing to take a water break?

Hates to lay back in the bathtub but somehow this is okay?!

It seemed like a good idea at the time!

Was it really such a good idea to play in the dirt after playing in the sprinkler?

We had a fun weekend visiting family. The whole family went this time, just for a quick trip 'home'. We drove up on Friday morning and spent some time with my parents. During the kids nap Papa cleaned the sand box out, making him the hero of the day.

We spent the next morning at the park, with ALL of the cousins, and without the camera. Oops! Then went to N's Grandparents house to celebrate his brother's birthday with that side of the family. Again, forgot the camera.

The trip home was a little more eventful than the whole rest of the weekend combined. As I was awakened from a peaceful nap while N drove. To the words, "Oh no!" Rarely good words to hear under normal circumstances. Never pleasant when kids are involved. It seems that Hoss had come up with quite the creative way to keep himself entertained during our two hour drive home.

Warning: If you do not have kids then you might not want to scroll down to view the following photos. If yo do have kids you have already seen it all and this will be just another day in the life of a parent.

It took nearly a whole package of wipes to clean him up.

All in all, a pretty good week.

Oh look even after all that N still has a smile on his face!


  1. Sounds like you had an eventful weekend too! The sprinkler brings back memories. We used to have one just like that when I was a kid. And why is it that kids are fine getting water on their heads, on their own terms, but scream in the tub? Shiloh's the same way.

  2. Ah...the sprinkler :-) Bobbin's been playing in it non-stop for the last two days. She refuses to wear a bathing suit, opting for shorts instead. But whenever she jumps over the sprinkler it squirts up her short and she shrieks and runs around holding her crotch like she has to pee.

    Better than a bidet, our sprinker :-)

  3. Awesome photos!

    Oh my gosh, though...the one with Hoss...yikes. That is a new one and a gross one.

    We've been using the sprinkler too lately....

    No camera? What kind of a parent are you? :-) A busy one it looks like!


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