Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And The Crap Just Keeps On Coming

To all of my faithful readers who have stuck it out, have come by blogglingbrooks everyday in hopes of finding what they were looking for. Just to leave disappointed that the content left a little something to be desired. I know it has been far too long. But fear not devoted followers, for at last I bring you more of what you crave. What you come here anticipating - another story regarding the bowel habits of one of my very own beloved children. Yes, it is true. The fading of hope for all posts that are poop ends right here, tonight. And it is all in thanks to a little boy named Hoss. (Who will probably smother me in my sleep one day when he gets a hold of such revealing stories told throughout his life by me.) Monday’s snippet , with photos of Hoss doing... what Hoss was doing (go read it if you’re so curious) was just a teaser. This is a whole post devoted to nothing but poop.

I am at a loss of understanding for how this little man’s bowels work. In the past I have mentioned the baby’s problems with constipation. We had taken him to the doctor about the problem when he was around 4 to 6 months old. The doctor gave us a prescription strength laxative. It worked for a few days and then the problem returned. Without going into too much detail he would not go poop for several days and then when he would go it was a HUGE stool and he would scream and cry as he finally passed it (many times with help from us) and often it caused some tearing. Maybe some of you are thinking that that WAS too much detail. Maybe some of you need to lighten up and become more comfortable discussing your bathroom habits with others. As comfortable as say, maybe, my own family. Maybe some of you think that my family is a little too comfortable in this department. Maybe some of you are right.

So, back to the doctor, the doctor gives us something different. This works for a few days. Then comes diarrhea, and then comes HUGE almost impossible stool to pass surrounded by diarrhea. I tell you, only one of my family members could experience constipation and diarrhea at the same time. (hmm, you would think someone so comfortable talking about poop would not have to rely on spell check to spell diarrhea.)

What do you think we did next? That’s right we discussed it with the doctor… again. He told us to give it a couple of more weeks. If we did not see improvement the next step would be a pediatric gastroenterologist. (Man poop related words are hard to spell) Who would, most likely, do a biopsy of the bowel. Our doctor was starting to think it might be a nerve problem that would require surgery. Hoss was 11 months old at the time. This did not sound appealing to me. I’m guessing he would not have been crazy about it either.

N decided to call his Aunt who is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in California. (Maybe it is just medical terms in general that are hard to spell, hmm, interesting) We rely heavily on Aunt Judy, as she knows practically EVERYTHING. When she heard how much of the medicine we were giving Hoss she told us that was an adult dose. She said what probably happened is that something backed him up. I’m guessing it was starting him on solid foods. So we started giving him laxatives to fix the problem. But we were giving him such a large dose (which, by the way, was the amount the doc had told us to give him) that it caused severe diarrhea. This weakened his bowel muscles, which made it not function properly. Made sense to me. She gave us an alternative recommendation for administering the medicine. It started working practically over night. We did this for two months to strengthen that muscle back up. He has been pooping along like any other normal kid. A normal bowel every 1 to 2 days as recommended for toddlers everywhere. Well Monday was the true test. Had the medicine worked? Could we start backing off slowly like Aunt Judy suggested? Or would I have a 14 month old toddling, drooling, laxative addict? I know it is my job as a mother to screw him up, but I mean really! Come on! I can think of so many other areas in which I am doing that. Why add poop inducing medicine addict to the list?

Monday came and went with no poop. Tuesday, a record 2 dirty diapers. Today, 3 dirty diapers. What? Tell me please how cutting his dosage in half has caused him to poop more. Only one of my family members I tell you, only one of my family members.


  1. Poop De Doo!....GG

  2. It takes a couple days for it to get into his system. Jonathan was on this stuff too. What an adventure!

  3. talk about "messing" your kids up. Look what we started in our children Michael and now it continues to another generation, guess we should have found something better to talk about at the dinner table and family gatherings. Who knew! mom

  4. Haha. Too funny (not poor Hoss's poopy problems, just the post in general). I think, once you become a parent, it becomes normal conversation. I have to stop myself from talking about this stuff in front of non-parents. I'm always getting weird looks.

  5. i am so with you on this one. i was so stressed and worried for the first 7 months of betty's life - she was given various laxitives by the doctors, and nothing seemed to work. i was also giving the poor little mite prune juice in her milk etc, and then one day, after my husband saw me in tears, he calmly said 'lets stop all medicine and see what happens'... and amazingly, betty's bowel movements, the v next day, were totally normal and have been ever since. just goes to show...


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