Monday, July 7, 2008

Whata Weekend

I don't know about you but we had a fabulous, fun filled, and very busy weekend.

Friday we joined some church friends and a whole lot of rednecks (the table next to us was doing jello shots.) out at the park for a picnic and some fireworks. The kids discovered what has become my least favorite piece of playground equipment in the whole wide world. The Seesaw. I HATE that thing. I was trying to be a good mommy and fight every urge I had to take my kids far far away from the death trap. I was so tempted to take Bella and Buddy and plop them into the Pack 'N Play right along side Hoss. I didn't, I let them play on the Seesaw with their new friend Evan, our pastor's grandson who was visiting. They loved it. The reason I know they loved it is because they both tend to shy away from things that scare them or have, in the past, caused them any amount of physical pain. But even after Bella fell of the seat, landed on her back, and then had her seat come falling back down landing on her pudgy little tummy, she wanted to get back up there and try it again. That's how I know she was enjoying herself. Good for her, bad for me. I decided to stand even a little bit closer to all of the fun in order to prevent another accident.

After a few minutes I decided to back off a little and give her and Evan some space. They had received a week long seminar on Seesaw safety from me and were doing just fine. I turned to walk the thirty steps back to our little group of friends and I hear "Hoof!" and then sobbing. This time it was Buddy. N reached him before I did. He had gotten a little too close to the board on it's way up. It had smacked him on the underside of his chin causing him to bite into his tongue. Seriously, you could see deep teeth marks in his tongue. His teeth don't line up very well which makes him have a hard time chewing sometimes. This turns out to be lucky for him or he may very well have lost part of his tongue. Ouch!

The fireworks were awesome for a small town production.

The kids found a cool little cubby in a tree after I had had enough of the stupid Seesaw. Their new pal Evan is on the right. He was a super sweet kid!

Bella insists he is just her friend. I don't know, it sure looks like love to me.

Saturday we went to Sea World. Some advice - DO NOT GO TO SEA WORLD DURING A LONG HOLIDAY WEEKEND. Did this enter our minds before we, invited family, drove an hour to the Park, and told the kids exactly where we were going? No! If it had we would have been spending a nice quiet Saturday at home. Despite the masses we had a great time. The kids were all troupers, with no naps. Even Hoss made it through with out any melt downs.

Here we are waiting for a show to start!

Ya know, just in case you wanted to see the inside of Bella's nose.
Umm... Much better?!

Inside the penguin egg, waiting to hatch according to Bella.

We are anxious to go back again when they are not as crowded. We could not have asked for a better weekend. I hope everyone else's was as good as ours.

I am sure you have all spent the weekend wondering how Hoss' bowels are doing. To put an end to your suspense he is back to regularly scheduled pooping. Yippee Hoss. We get to cut back on his meds even more next week!!!

**I have read several blogger's posts about lurkers. I don't even asume that I have any of these people who come back time after time to read my blog but never comment. I do know that I can't even seem to get my daddy to comment on my blog. "Oh Daddy, where are you?" Perhaps I have offended him in the past. Although I can't imagine how .
Can anyone think of a good reason why my dad might be avoiding me?**


  1. No Comment! Is that considered a comment?
    I have been gone for a few days, but loved the photo's of the little ones....and remembering the "mommy" days of my life!..GG

  2. Love the pictures! Your kids are very cute (and Bella does look a bit infatuated). What is it about holidays that make kids injure themselves? Mine tried to dive headfirst off of some concrete steps. Oh well, what's a little concussion anyway? Glad you guys had a good weekend.

  3. saw your comment on Cecily's blog.

    You. Are. Welcome.


    i will be waiting for my check in the mail!!

    cute blog. i will have to remember to come back!


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