Monday, July 14, 2008

If the Diaper Fits...

I was going to be one of those mothers who had her children completely potty trained before their 2nd birthday. After all I had been using the toilet for over 20 years, couldn't be that hard to teach somebody else to do it, right?

Bella was 3 months shy of her third birthday by the time we got her trained. And that was because after 2 weeks of having 3 children in diapers after Hoss was born I decided THAT was enough. She was trained within a week. I have several really good excuses for why she was so old before we potty trained her. Want to hear them? No. O.k.

Then there was Buddy. He turned 2 in September. I was going to start potty training him the following Spring. (long story as to why I was waiting until spring) Around January or February of this year he got tired of waiting and started potty training himself. I'm serious. I think it had a little bit to do with gummy Shrek treats that he wanted to get his hands on and his teeth in.

So now two potty trained kids later I am still buying diapers for 3. Why? Because nobody is night time trained. They aren't even nap time trained. I have tried half heartedly with Bella but the girl pees... a lot. And let's face it. When they are still making diapers big enough to fit, sometimes it is just easier to slap one on and send them on their way.

N and I are taking a financial class and so sat down to do the budget on Tuesday night. When I realized I may one day have to decide between my Peanut M&Ms (a staple for me) and diapers for my kids, I sent Elyse to bed for her nap without a diaper the very next day. And... she woke up dry. Did it again the next day, and, she woke up dry. It's now been 5 days in a row with no nap time accident. Go Bella!! We're going to master that for a couple more days and then aim for nighttime. Then on to Buddy... unless he beats me to it. If all else fails maybe I can find a way to make diapers out of M&M packages.


  1. I love this post because it's so apropos to how I parent. :)

  2. I also thought I would be the mother with the baby potty trained before 2. Shiloh's almost two and she probably could be potty trained, she knows what to do, but I've gotten lazy. Diapers are so convenient sometimes... Shiloh has actually told me that she has to go potty before, and I've told her just to go in her diaper. She said, "No, Mommy! Potty!" I took her to the potty. Stubborn kid.

  3. So very funny....hang in there. My sister-in-law had three in diapers for a little while and then suddenly she had two and now she's working to just one.

    I'm just working on one, but I'm not about to rush him....only because I want him to be ready. OF course, when it starts threatening my chocolate...he is so peeing on that toilet

  4. ok ... I do not feel your pain. Can you say, "cloth diapers"? Bad memories! Dad shudders.


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