Thursday, July 17, 2008

Slim In Six Before and After



Here it is, week 6 of Slim in 6. The 5th and last week of my review and update. That's right, it's all over!

My measurements Before and After:

Waist - Was 27" - Now 27"

Hips - Were 37" - Now 36 1/4"

Thighs - Were 21 1/2" - Now 19 1/2"

Not as good as I would have liked, but I can see a difference in my muscle tone. 


  1. Hey sarah brooks,


    Well, it appears the Slim in 6 diet has improved your outlook on life (you're smiling in the "after" pic, not in the "before" pic) and isn't that all that matters?!?

    Ok, maybe not.

    Rock On,


  2. Harris, Ah see, I was probably just smiling because my husband was home. He wasn't when I took the before picture.

  3. Don't you hate how long it takes to see big results? I do. I have to say, your before and after pictures aren't too bad anyway.

    I've been really bad this week, because I haven't been sleeping and that makes me not want to exercise. I will do better next week... I wasn't noticing any muscles yet but I was noticing that my endurance was better (as in I didn't think I was going to die after five minutes of exercise). Haha.

  4. Sarah, please post a warning: "may not be suitable for pregnant women and people with weak stomaches" if you plan to post a before picture of N. And you might want to contact your attorney just in case someone tries to sue you.

    Just kidding N.

    (pssst make sure all children leave the room before viewing)



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