Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kiss and Tell

Apprehensive girl decides it is safe enough to get picture taken with Shamu... as long as mommy is doing it too.

After that girl walks away with elated joy and renewed confidence after having come so close to Shama and surviving. Girl now thinks she is near invincible and can do just about anything, including kiss Shama, and asks if she can go back, stand in line (again, for the third time, since girl completely chickened out the first time) and this time kiss Shamu. Mother knows girl will ask incessantly until mission is accomplished (mother wonders why her own parents think that it is so funny that girl has same tendencies as mother, i.e. asking questions incessantly and somehow feel rewarded for said mother now having to live with the tortures she put her own parents through). Mother and daughter wait in line. Girl walks with self-assurance towards Shamu...

Girl loses all feelings of self-assurance halfway to Shamu and returns to mother.

Mother explains that this is the last chance for any interaction with Shamu. After a moment of deep contemplation girl returns to Shamu plops a quick peck on his cheek and quite nearly floats away from renewed confidence and a heart full of love for Shamu.

Girl then spends the next 4 days talking incessantly about her brush with fame.

Mother is overjoyed with girls excitement and new found self-confidence!


  1. To girl - WAY TO GO!

    To mom - NANAI NANI BOO BOO!

    Love, mama/nana

  2. Oh my gosh this is the cutest post ever. So cute!
    She is adorable, Sarah!

    What a great group of photos!

  3. I love love love it! That is SO cute!

    (And what is it about parents thinking it's great when your kids do the same awful things you did? My parents find it funny that I never get sleep because I used to do anything I could to stay awake when I was a toddler.)

  4. You shouldn't knock her fear of the Shamu - I had an all-encompasing fear of anything pretending to be Mickey/Pluto/Ronald Macdonald that was clearly a teenager in a suit until I was, oooo, 35.

  5. Sarah, when you look at the picture with you and Bella with Shamu...i know where Bella gets her great smile. joe


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