Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photo Story Friday and Trouble With A Capital Tee(Tee)

There are those moments, every mother experiences them, when the house gets very quiet and you pause, take a deep breathe and think "Ah, this is wonderful, peace!" And then suddenly, panic. "Peace? Why is there peace and quiet in my house? Why is nobody yelling? Surely somebody has been wronged, slapped, or tortured in some way!" Then comes that sinking feeling. If all is quiet in my home then something must be terribly wrong." You hesitate, if only for a moment. "How bad can it be?" You wonder guiltily. "Should I really go check and risk ruining the serenity?" But alas you search out the situation and every great, great once in awhile you discover that this peace really is just a rare, precious moment.

Like the day last year when I found Bella and Buddy sitting quietly side by side reading. I snuck a picture and then tip toed off. When all was still quiet sometime later I decided to go have one more look at my adorable kids. I just love to see them getting along. And that they were doing something to improve their minds was just a wonderful bonus. However, this time I did not find them lost in a wonderful imaginary world. Instead I found this...

Now we do live in Texas, it is hot, and sometimes the children get very sweaty. They get sweaty even when they are just sitting around, not really being particularly active... this was not one of those times. Bella was in the process of potty training gone bad, and this 'moisture' soaking my children's heads was due to the puddle they were playing in. I do love the look it gave Bella's hair.

Look at those waves. If only I could bottle and sell tee-tee. O.K. maybe not.

And what was Hoss doing while all this was going on? What every sweet little newborn does.

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  1. Too funny! (I have a picture of Shiloh sleeping in that same position when she was an infant.)

  2. At least there was one good thing to find...

  3. Sarah, seriously, you should post warnings. I was reading along and ... cute ... cute ... cute ... ick! You drew me in then grossed me out. That's like lip balm made out of grandma's ear wax. Dad

  4. Daddy, If you were looking for revenge, you got it. I may opt for chapped lips for the rest of my life. BTW, I was reading your profile... you listed your children under interests... because they gave you grandchildren??? OUCH!

  5. Hand over mouth.... OH. MY GOODNESS! :)

  6. Oh man, are those photos going to come back and haunt them later. :)

    We have the same baby gate. Such a life saver.

  7. oh that is ADORABLE! they will appreciate that story and be suitably grossed out in later years!!! too cute

  8. when it is so quiet, no yelling no screaming no fighting no laughing in my house.... mmm .. that's suspicious.
    I really have to check out my twin, they probably into something you don't want to see. such as busy spilling soap, or gone away from house!
    so good that your child are quiet because they're reading.

  9. Check out the quiet and risk ruining the serenity? I know exactly what you mean!

  10. Suspicious silence...rarely a good thing! I guess the bright side is that they weren't playing in something even worse if you know what I mean.
    Very funny!

  11. Oh that is totally gross..and hilarious!

    great photo story friday! And so funny kids!

  12. I so remember those days of having debates with myself on whether or not check. Sometimes when you check they see you then the peace ends.

    Eww, I am happy to say I don't remember my kids doing that. :)

  13. Kids do such memorable things don't they? This is hilarious, though I am not so sure I would be laughing at the time. I would be wondering where to start cleaning up! Laughter comes later!

  14. quiet scares me.....I have to go look for the quiet!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  15. Oh, that is just PERFECT!!! Serioulsy PSF perfection!

    Quiet in my house is scary scary. Last night's quiet meant a toilet full of tampons and a very wet Evie. Neat.

    Sorry I am so behind commenting. Getting a stomach virus made looking at a computer screen just too much this weekend.


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