Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photo Story Friday and the UnPaparazzi

I am not one of those paparazzi type moms that walks around tormenting family with snapshots and 'candid' poses. In fact I rarely remember to take my camera along for events. On the rare occasion that I remember to take the camera I forget to actually take pictures.

Oddly enough my kids are notorious for doing something they deem cute or clever and asking, "Can you take a picture of us?"

Yesterday was full of such moments. I have to admit, in my opinion they are quite good at realizing what really is cute and clever. Or maybe it is just that they are always tending towards being both cute and clever.

Here are just a few of yesterdays photo ops!

She was trying to hold him so that they could dance together.
It was really more like a 'tumbling' act.

PhotoStory Friday
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  1. that one of them on top of each other is precious. It's always fun when they want to pose for you.

  2. And they ARE so cute! Love that top shot the best!

  3. I've totally become a paparazzi. I cringe when I say it, but when I am playing around and editing pictures I secretly revel in it. Shhhh. Don't judge.

    I love that they asked to pose for you and I LOVE that last shot!

    Thanks for playing PSF with us!!

  4. These are awesome.

    And...uh...I'm one of those moms. You know, the paparazzi kind? Yeah. that's me....chasing them through the house, into the bathroom, into the bedroom. I'm a nightmare. And I love it! :-) And someday they will too! (I hope. Either that or they will demand therapy).

  5. kids... can't help but to love them.

    You gotta get the paparazzi going there. That is some cute kids and if they are willing to pose :-)

  6. They are being totally cute in the antics while hamming it up for the camera. What a wonderful series of photos. :)

  7. My daughter will do that sometimes too - "take my picture mommy!" and she will make a crazy face or be loving on her brother. It is cute!

  8. Very cute and clever! How fun! glad I stopped by to see your gorgeous kids.

  9. It really is scary once they realize how cute and clever they are. Any time kids are "dancing" it's worth a picture. Very nice!

  10. That is so cute! I love the dancing shot.

  11. Oh this was great! I especially adored that tumbling act they have got going on. I shamelessly admit to being a mamarazzi, I can NOT put my dang camera down!

    They are ADORABLE!

    And thanks for playing PSF, this was PERFECT.

  12. they are some great kids. where is Hoss? Love you guys. i am just surprised that your mom and dad haven't chimed in.


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