Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Slim In 6 the Review (part 3)

Here it is, week 4 of Slim in 6. The third week of my review and update.

My measurements are now

Waist - 27" (same)
Hips - 36 1/2" (same as last week)
Legs - 20" (same as last week)

This third video is kicking my butt and to be honest kind of ticking me off because I cannot do all the reps for some of the exercises. Grrr! I hate that!!!! I am going to keep at it even though I am not seeing as much in the way of results as I was in the beginning. I keep missing 2 days a week instead of 1 so that certainly doesn't help. And I should probably start trying to eat better if I want to see better results.

More on slim in 6 next week.

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  1. Keep it up and I'm sure you'll keep seeing results. Sounds like you're doing good so far. It's hard to make it a habit. I'm trying to make it a habit right now too, and it's not easy.


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