Thursday, September 11, 2008

There Is Only One Way to Find Out if You are Going to Like Them... Oh, Wait, There are Two

So I use to wonder if this was really a problem for people. Now I know... it happens. And, it happened to me. N and I bought a tube of Pringles. Mmm... I love Pringles! We like to try out all the strange new flavors, Cheeseburger, Seven Layer Dip (my personal favorite), and then there was Tuesday, the day that we bought Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce. It sounded strange but we wanted to try it. I kind of forgot about them and didn't check them out until yesterday afternoon. I grabbed them from the top of the refrigerator pulled the plastic lid off and noticed that the freshness seal was pulled most of the way off.

Hmm, I wondered what N thought of them. I, loved them, by the way!!! Ya gotta try em. I mean, I eat 3/4 of the package in one sitting, loved them! I saw them on my night stand last night when I headed to bed. They were sitting there because I had eaten them during nap time while folding clothes in my bedroom. Not because N and I had come up with "romantic" things to do with them... one day I'll have to post about the day I found a jar of peanut butter on the night stand in my parents bedroom and why I never ask questions like "Hey, what's the peanut butter doing in your bedroom?" Frightening!

So I asked, "What did you think of the Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce Pringles?"

He said, "I don't know, I haven't tried them yet."

"Yeah you did?" (I bet men love that not only do we become their mother after we marry them, we become their memory)

"Nope, I haven't tried them."

"But the freshness seal was open!"

"I didn't do that, I haven't eaten any"

"Oh my gosh!"

Look of pity

"But I ate them!"

Another look of pity

"Ew, I ate those and somebody had already opened them!"

Apparently the "do not eat if freshness seal is broken" is there because, people, at times, open up the package take a few (Oh I forgot to mention, there was obviously some missing from the tube.) and then put them back on the shelf. Yuck! But like I said, they were good, I almost finished off the rest of the previously opened and consumed can of Pringles today! I'm thinking if I was going to contract something from eating a previously opened and consumed can of Pringles, I had already been infected and might as well enjoy the rest!


  1. Haha. Well, that's one way to think about it. I've thrown out many bottles of water or soda because I couldn't remember opening the lid. I logically know I probably did without thinking, but I still can't drink it.

    Thanks for checking on Shiloh. She's fine. She has a virus and a sore throat. She'll live. I might if I can make it until bedtime. Haha.


  3. Sarah...uck..but you will live you and your family are prayed over all the time. #2 are there any other things I should know about you mom & dad...just kidding. Hope Bubba had a great b.d. you have great weekend
    love you guys, joe

  4. I just added John Deere Mom to my blog roll (under country blogs) and she told the story of her daughter dropping gum on the floor at Wal-Mart and plopping it back in her mouth (before her mom could grab it), but then her daughter handed it to her later in the trip and the woman put it in her mouth to hold it for her daughter and just about threw up when she remembered it had been on the floor of the Wal-Mart....This story reminded me of that. And yuk again for your story!

  5. that's what you get for ratting out your mom and dad!
    and for leaving your peanut butter in my pantry.

    all my love mom

    and may I just say to John Deere Mom yuck, yuck, yuck, what a mom will do for their children.

  6. Personally I think this is your payback for giving your Mom, Dad, Grandpa and I dirty toothpicks at Mr. Gaddy's when you were very little. We thought you were so sweet after we enjoyed the pizza to go get us toothpicks until we found out they came from the floor. GG

  7. Just had to say I read this post a little over a week ago and bought a can of them just to try.

    LOVE them! :)

    (unfortunately, my kids do too!)


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