Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1: Love To Blog You Baby!

Thirteen Reasons Why I Love to Blog

Here are 13 Reasons why I love to blog...

1. I can work on my writing skills.

2. I can escape into this world where some know me, others don't but I can just be me!

3. I have nothing better to do with my time (Yeah right!!)

4. I know that from time to time my posts make my parents proud and as a grown women with 3 kids of her own, I still LOVE to make my parents proud.

5. Every great once in a while I like to withhold details of my life from my parents and then post about it here. It's a fun way for them to catch up with how the family is doing. (By the way, I'm pregnant!) Hahahahahahaha! Just kidding. (okay gotta go find the smelling salts for my mom now)

6. I have met some really cool new people through the blogging world. (I've met some real dorks too. Try to figure out which one you are... j/k)

7. Over the last week and a half I have been trying to get back to the initial purpose of this blog. To see the lessons God tries to teach me daily through my children. I had kind of lost sight of that for a while. I have noticed a change in me already through doing this. I have been much more patient with my children. I love my kids, I have good kids. But like any mother who is being honest, some days I find myself wanting to beat my head against the kitchen cabinets. Looking for God in the daily life of a stay at home mom helps me regain focus of how precious these few days we have with our kids are. (wow that was a long one)

8. From this blog some of my self doubt has been erased. Through comments, both on the actual blog and via phone and email I have been encouraged by what others have gotten out of my words. And I LOVE hearing when I have made somebody laugh or smile.

9. I may be a little late in starting but I love being a part of a fad. I'm never a part of what the 'cool kids" are doing.

10. From my friends that don't know I blog, I feel like I have this secret life they don't know about, and someday they will find out this random fact about me... they probably won't care, but in my mind it's fun.

11. I have a vivid imagination and it is always turned on... with surround sound. And in my daydreams this is way #5478 that I am going to make my family millions of dollars. (yes I realize it is going take a few more readers then I currently have, what do you think a VIVID imagination is?) ;)

12. I like changing my header and the looks of my page.

13. IT'S ADDICTIVE! I couldn't quit even if I wanted to.

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  1. Addictive? Nah!

    Ok, maybe a little. Welcome to TT

  2. Sarah! Hey! Wow you got in there early, especially for your first one! I definitely agree with changing up the page. I am always changing backgrounds on my blog!

  3. What a great list! Happy T13. Mine are up at a Daily Dose.
    A Daily Dose of Toni

  4. Very addictive! I couldn't stop now if I wanted to. And I always used to worry that I would run out of things to say. No worries there.

    I for one am glad you love blogging. Your's is one of the first blogs that I read, when I started mine, and it's still one of my favs.

  5. I am totally addicted! It is just so much fun and I have learned a lot about myself through blogging, and a lot of other things through blogging and reading blogs.

  6. I love this post. You blog for many of the same reasons I do! This is an awesome Thursday 13, Sarah!

  7. It is addictive isn't it? I started blogging about the same time as you. It connects you to a whole new world. Keep it up. Great looking family.

  8. It is very addictive. Glad you enjoy it. Welcome to Thursday 13.

  9. Great list. I love to withhold something from family...just to see who is reading it...LOL!

  10. Yup ... I blog for many of the same reasons and it's definitely addictive! Thanks for visiting my Butterfly T-13 at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,


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