Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday: Here is what Bella had to say!

These are some of the funny things my 4 year old Bella said this week.

1. While sitting alone in the bathroom on the potty, "Dear God, please help God to take the poo-poo out of me. (This was not the first time she had prayed this). And help me to hold it all the time."

When I asked her why she prayed the second part she replied, "so I don't go in my car seat." Which she had done on a long road trip recently.

2. After I put a blanket over her one cold morning she said, "Ahh, I could get use to this!"

3. Asking her usual question first thing in the morning

Bella: "Where are we going today?" (she loves to be out and about)

Me: "Nowhere."

Bella: "Where are we going when you change your mind?"

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

To a Man Who Deserves More Credit Than I Can Give

This month is Pastor’s Appreciation month. If you haven’t yet, be sure to do something to let your pastor know what you think of him. (Unless of course you harbor negative feelings and then, please, keep it to yourself. They get enough negativity.) Anyway, my husband and I were talking the other night. I was commenting for the hundredth time about how I hadn’t ever been your “typical” pastor’s daughter. I never went through any major rebellion, didn’t ever want to reject the church. Though there was plenty of hurt I had to witness through the years by individuals here and there, on the whole I didn’t see the church as some horrible entity that existed to ruin my life.

I have often wondered why this was. How did we turn out different then some other PKs? Granted my parents were good disciplinarians, good parents but that did not guarantee that we would grow up wanting to follow God and be involved in the church. (Yes, I am aware that we are not the only pastor’s kids that turned out “good” but I also know plenty that did not.) All this to say that I think I have begun to realize that I owe so much of where my personal relationship with Jesus is to my parents, not just because they helped introduce me to Him, but because I do not recall it ever being forced. My relationship with the Lord was just that… mine! They helped guide me as all good parents do but I took it from there. As my pastor and the head of our family, a huge amount of this gratitude goes to my dad. I had the privilege of knowing from experience that my brother, sister, and I came first. Before the church, we were my dad’s first responsibility. We had to learn that other’s needs came before our own desires, with vacations cut short to head home when a parishioners father passed away, a good movie interrupted when a crisis came up. But when it came to attending to our needs, whether spiritual, emotional, or relationally, we ALWAYS came first! For that I want to say thank you to my father. Though he may not be my pastor at the moment. He will always be the one that Shepherd my heart towards the greatest love of my life, the Lord. And continues to help guard my spirit with his prayers and by an example of the most faithful man I have ever known. Thank you daddy! I love you and appreciated you more than my clumsy words could ever express.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Catch Up

I have been majorly absent from the blog world these days. I have been working hard on getting my house, kids, and life organized, in order and more pleasant. Details on how this is going will be coming soon to a blog near you. Sorry that I have not kept up with all my favorite blogs... or my own for that matter.

We are doing really well though. Last week we went to Arlington for my husband to attend a Youth Conference. He really enjoyed that. We got to see one of our former foster kids!!!! (In fact it was this very one.)Which was so incredible. We have not seen any of them for about 18 months. One of them lives not too far from the Dallas area so we went to his football game and dinner after. What a TREAT! And we stayed with a good friend of mine that I have known since I was 5. It was the first time our husbands had met and the first time Ginger had ever seen Hoss. So it was quite exciting to get to spend some time with them. And very nice of them to let us take over their beautiful home for nearly a week. Thanks Ging!

We were there during our 5 year anniversary so we celebrated a few days early with dinner at a nice restaurant while N's brother watched the kids. My husband casually mentioned on the phone to his sister that we had planned to go to California for our 5 year anniversary (where husband grew up, I've never been) but that things just hadn't worked out that way and we obviously would not be going. The day after we got home from Arlington we had an anniversary card in the mail from my sis-in-law letting us know that the family was pitching in to send N and I to California. They are arranging child care and taking care of everything else. WOW!!!! I mean great Big HUGE WOW!!!!! We are not sure yet when we are going but it is something to look forward to, VERY forward to... and we are. I promise to catch up with all you follow bloggy friends real soon. My house, and kids, and all are coming together slowly but surely and I am trying to stay on a good track with that. Pray for me, I'll either dig my way out of this mess or get buried in it. LOL.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordful Wednesday: Manipulation Comes in Small Packages

Hoss cracked me up tonight. I put all the kids to bed and was in the kitchen cleaning (because what else would I be doing with a few hours of down time). It was quiet for several minutes and then I hear my 17 month old begin saying over and over, "I go potty, I go potty."

No, I am not some super human rockin' mom who has her third child potty trained before he is 18 months old. That poor youngster is lucky to get his diaper changed more than twice a day. The kid has, however, seen this tactic be used on occasion by his big brother or sister to get themselves out of bed. So I guess Hoss thought he'd give it a try.

N had the kids this weekend by himself (because I am spoiled rotten and he is just that good) and said Hoss tried to pull off something similar. He is not allowed free reign of the entire house. He can't come into our bedroom, bathroom, the kitchen, or guest room without permission. (Not the easiest task to train here lately by the way) But N was back in our bathroom and Hoss comes wondering in saying, "I go pooh-pooh, I go pooh-pooh". Again, if it works for Bella and Buddy why shouldn't it work for him!

Is it wrong that I am somewhat frightened by the brilliance of this kid? I mean we were a little surprised when, at 15 months he started speaking in complete sentences. “I get down?” “I need help.” (Okay so ‘I get down?’ is a sentence fragment but the kid was 15 months old, cut him some slack.) But the fact that, at such a tender age he is trying to figure out a way to use his advanced verbal skills to manipulate his parents… well, I am in awe and slightly queasy. Wish us luck!

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Monday, October 6, 2008

I've Been Tagged: More crazy facts.

A fellow blogger, with a cool blog I am happy to now know exists, tagged me. Here are the rules and some craZy little things about me.

1. I have seen EVERY episode of Friends at least 3 or 4 times. Many of them MANY more times than that. (and could probably beat the pants off of anybody at Friends Scene It.)

2. I wear size 1 in shoes. That's right a child's size 1. My 4 year old daughter is currently only 4 sizes behind me.

3. I use to have a birthmark in my eye. (in the white part to the left of my iris.) It actually went away a couple of years ago, very strange.

4.I had 11 of my baby teeth pulled by the dentist. Not all at once. The most I had done at once was 4. They just would not come out on their own. Even when my permanent teeth would start coming in those baby teeth just wanted to hang on!

5. I was 16 years old when I lost my last baby tooth.

6. I only weighed 12 pounds when I was 2 years old. (I have the medical records to prove it) My kids all weighed 14 pounds at around 6 months.

7. I have only ever kissed one guy. (and yes it was my husband, you would not believe how many people get hung up on and confused by that)

The people I have tagged are: (all fabulous blogs)

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Monday Madness from Mouths of Babes: Say What?

Tonight I had the opportunity to listen to my children at play. How much I learned from their little conversations. I got to see first hand what their sweet little hearts must struggle with daily. I witnessed shear human nature and was amazed by how well they must work to control their wills.

I took the older two up to the church to set up for my MOPS meeting tomorrow night. They played at one end of the fellowship hall while I decorated the other end. They were "playing house" Bella was the mommy, Buddy, her little boy. And at some point they changed their roles making Buddy the man in charge, with Bella in his care. Things came out of their mouths, attitudes I have never myself had to deal with as the real authority in the house, as they were "acting" like little kids. Conversations that went something like this, “Take me to Sea World right now!”
Or this one…

“Now sweetie, come over hear and sit down.”

“I don’t want to!”

Oh those things so would not fly in their real worlds. Now don’t get me wrong, my kids are kids they misbehave, have bad attitudes sometimes, have even let me know they did not want to do what was being asked of them but never in such a yucky tone. And they have certainly learned that one does not win a trip to Sea World by demanding it… a trip to a nice little chair in a corner all alone, yes. But Sea World… not so much!

I wondered for a moment if they had perhaps picked this attitude up from somewhere. But we don’t have television just DVDs that I know every line to and can recite in my sleep. I know all of their friends and have not heard them talking to their parents in that manner either. So it was doubtful it had been picked up anywhere. I have deduced that there must be a struggle within my kids to say what they are really thinking but somehow they manage on a semi-regular basis to control their attitudes and respond in an appropriate manner. I could learn a lot from these little guys. And I have to say, if this really is what is in my kids hearts from time to time, this desire to tell me what they are really thinking. I’ve got some pretty good kids… if I do say so myself.

Now I should probably go back and reread my own first post, The Humbling of a Super Mom as that last statement sounded incredibly arrogant!

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Photostory Friday: Long Lost Friends

I got an email tonight from an old friend. A friend that I have not seen in 20 years. My family moved from Wyoming to Texas in 1988 and I left behind many little friends, one of the best being April. She attached a picture of us as little girls at her 6th birthday party. Weren't we cute. (That's me on the right)

PhotoStory Friday
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