Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Madness from Mouths of Babes: Say What?

Tonight I had the opportunity to listen to my children at play. How much I learned from their little conversations. I got to see first hand what their sweet little hearts must struggle with daily. I witnessed shear human nature and was amazed by how well they must work to control their wills.

I took the older two up to the church to set up for my MOPS meeting tomorrow night. They played at one end of the fellowship hall while I decorated the other end. They were "playing house" Bella was the mommy, Buddy, her little boy. And at some point they changed their roles making Buddy the man in charge, with Bella in his care. Things came out of their mouths, attitudes I have never myself had to deal with as the real authority in the house, as they were "acting" like little kids. Conversations that went something like this, “Take me to Sea World right now!”
Or this one…

“Now sweetie, come over hear and sit down.”

“I don’t want to!”

Oh those things so would not fly in their real worlds. Now don’t get me wrong, my kids are kids they misbehave, have bad attitudes sometimes, have even let me know they did not want to do what was being asked of them but never in such a yucky tone. And they have certainly learned that one does not win a trip to Sea World by demanding it… a trip to a nice little chair in a corner all alone, yes. But Sea World… not so much!

I wondered for a moment if they had perhaps picked this attitude up from somewhere. But we don’t have television just DVDs that I know every line to and can recite in my sleep. I know all of their friends and have not heard them talking to their parents in that manner either. So it was doubtful it had been picked up anywhere. I have deduced that there must be a struggle within my kids to say what they are really thinking but somehow they manage on a semi-regular basis to control their attitudes and respond in an appropriate manner. I could learn a lot from these little guys. And I have to say, if this really is what is in my kids hearts from time to time, this desire to tell me what they are really thinking. I’ve got some pretty good kids… if I do say so myself.

Now I should probably go back and reread my own first post, The Humbling of a Super Mom as that last statement sounded incredibly arrogant!

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  1. It is interesting to see what goes on in their little heads at times. And it's okay to brag on them. They do sound like good kids.


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