Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Catch Up

I have been majorly absent from the blog world these days. I have been working hard on getting my house, kids, and life organized, in order and more pleasant. Details on how this is going will be coming soon to a blog near you. Sorry that I have not kept up with all my favorite blogs... or my own for that matter.

We are doing really well though. Last week we went to Arlington for my husband to attend a Youth Conference. He really enjoyed that. We got to see one of our former foster kids!!!! (In fact it was this very one.)Which was so incredible. We have not seen any of them for about 18 months. One of them lives not too far from the Dallas area so we went to his football game and dinner after. What a TREAT! And we stayed with a good friend of mine that I have known since I was 5. It was the first time our husbands had met and the first time Ginger had ever seen Hoss. So it was quite exciting to get to spend some time with them. And very nice of them to let us take over their beautiful home for nearly a week. Thanks Ging!

We were there during our 5 year anniversary so we celebrated a few days early with dinner at a nice restaurant while N's brother watched the kids. My husband casually mentioned on the phone to his sister that we had planned to go to California for our 5 year anniversary (where husband grew up, I've never been) but that things just hadn't worked out that way and we obviously would not be going. The day after we got home from Arlington we had an anniversary card in the mail from my sis-in-law letting us know that the family was pitching in to send N and I to California. They are arranging child care and taking care of everything else. WOW!!!! I mean great Big HUGE WOW!!!!! We are not sure yet when we are going but it is something to look forward to, VERY forward to... and we are. I promise to catch up with all you follow bloggy friends real soon. My house, and kids, and all are coming together slowly but surely and I am trying to stay on a good track with that. Pray for me, I'll either dig my way out of this mess or get buried in it. LOL.

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  1. Wow! That's awesome about the trip. Really great.

    I'm just saying hi and I'll be back whenever you find time to blog. I understand busy. Life gets crazy sometimes, but I hope everything is going well.

  2. I've been wondering about you! Drilling helps! IM me when you're ready!

  3. Sarah, glad to see you back on this here blog. thank you for the kind words on mine. your dad is a very dear friend and i am honored to be his elder and a friend. i pray that you and n have a great time when you get to go to Cal. You are both some great kids and you so dear to us may the Father bless you in all that you guysdo. blessings, joe


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