Thursday, October 23, 2008

To a Man Who Deserves More Credit Than I Can Give

This month is Pastor’s Appreciation month. If you haven’t yet, be sure to do something to let your pastor know what you think of him. (Unless of course you harbor negative feelings and then, please, keep it to yourself. They get enough negativity.) Anyway, my husband and I were talking the other night. I was commenting for the hundredth time about how I hadn’t ever been your “typical” pastor’s daughter. I never went through any major rebellion, didn’t ever want to reject the church. Though there was plenty of hurt I had to witness through the years by individuals here and there, on the whole I didn’t see the church as some horrible entity that existed to ruin my life.

I have often wondered why this was. How did we turn out different then some other PKs? Granted my parents were good disciplinarians, good parents but that did not guarantee that we would grow up wanting to follow God and be involved in the church. (Yes, I am aware that we are not the only pastor’s kids that turned out “good” but I also know plenty that did not.) All this to say that I think I have begun to realize that I owe so much of where my personal relationship with Jesus is to my parents, not just because they helped introduce me to Him, but because I do not recall it ever being forced. My relationship with the Lord was just that… mine! They helped guide me as all good parents do but I took it from there. As my pastor and the head of our family, a huge amount of this gratitude goes to my dad. I had the privilege of knowing from experience that my brother, sister, and I came first. Before the church, we were my dad’s first responsibility. We had to learn that other’s needs came before our own desires, with vacations cut short to head home when a parishioners father passed away, a good movie interrupted when a crisis came up. But when it came to attending to our needs, whether spiritual, emotional, or relationally, we ALWAYS came first! For that I want to say thank you to my father. Though he may not be my pastor at the moment. He will always be the one that Shepherd my heart towards the greatest love of my life, the Lord. And continues to help guard my spirit with his prayers and by an example of the most faithful man I have ever known. Thank you daddy! I love you and appreciated you more than my clumsy words could ever express.

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  1. This is very sweet. (I feel bad being the first to comment, since it should be your dad, but he's probably to smart to be awake right now.) I forgot that this was Pastor Appreciation month. Oops. I'm not a PK, but I do have a great Pastor and I'll have to think of something...

  2. Sarah, I have come to believe that the best ways to show our appreciation to our parents is by how we live our own life and by the honor we show to them.
    I know daddy will have his own comments but I wanted to tell you how much your words blessed my heart but mostly how much your life blesses my heart. I want to hear His words "well done" concerning being a wife and mother far more than concerning being a good parishioner or a good anything else. love, mom

  3. Oh man, I want to cry! Where is the photo of your daddy? that would be perfect! :-)

  4. What a sweet letter to your daddy. Clearly a blessing in your life and I am sure that your note was a blessing to his month.

  5. Sarah, I am humbled by your comments. I feel that I do not deserve such kind words. I cannot tell you how proud I am of the daughter, woman, wife, mother and Christian you have turned out to be. If I had any small part of that then I am a blessed man. As I watch you raise your family, it reminds me that it is not just how my children turn out that reveals my success as a father but how your children turn out. the "crown of the aged are their children's children" (Pro 17:6). And as much as it brings me joy to "hear that my children walk in truth" (3John 4), as I see your children increasing in their knowledge of the Lord, well, Sarah, all I can do is thank the Father with a big smile on my face.

    Father, again, I thank You for crowning my life with your good blessings and leaving abundance in your wake! (Psa 65:11 NET)

    By the way, sorry for the late comment. I read this yesterday on my iphone and couldn't comment until I was on my computer. Proud Dad.

  6. Sarah, you know how I feel about your dad but don't forget to honor the man of God that you are married to. N has grown in his love and service to the Lord. I am sure that you already know that but N we also honor you and your heart before the Lord. Dream big for God. Blessings to you and Sarah both, Love Joe


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