Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordful Wednesday: Manipulation Comes in Small Packages

Hoss cracked me up tonight. I put all the kids to bed and was in the kitchen cleaning (because what else would I be doing with a few hours of down time). It was quiet for several minutes and then I hear my 17 month old begin saying over and over, "I go potty, I go potty."

No, I am not some super human rockin' mom who has her third child potty trained before he is 18 months old. That poor youngster is lucky to get his diaper changed more than twice a day. The kid has, however, seen this tactic be used on occasion by his big brother or sister to get themselves out of bed. So I guess Hoss thought he'd give it a try.

N had the kids this weekend by himself (because I am spoiled rotten and he is just that good) and said Hoss tried to pull off something similar. He is not allowed free reign of the entire house. He can't come into our bedroom, bathroom, the kitchen, or guest room without permission. (Not the easiest task to train here lately by the way) But N was back in our bathroom and Hoss comes wondering in saying, "I go pooh-pooh, I go pooh-pooh". Again, if it works for Bella and Buddy why shouldn't it work for him!

Is it wrong that I am somewhat frightened by the brilliance of this kid? I mean we were a little surprised when, at 15 months he started speaking in complete sentences. “I get down?” “I need help.” (Okay so ‘I get down?’ is a sentence fragment but the kid was 15 months old, cut him some slack.) But the fact that, at such a tender age he is trying to figure out a way to use his advanced verbal skills to manipulate his parents… well, I am in awe and slightly queasy. Wish us luck!

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  1. Hi there. I am a day late but I wouldn't feel complete since I managed to visit all the WW participants yesterday but then I did have to go to bed. Your little manipulator is beautiful!!!! and smart too!!!

  2. What a smart little guy you have there and quite adorable. Sounds like your gonna have your hands full with that one.

  3. Haha. He sounds like a smart one. Shiloh was using fragmented sentences at that age also. So that just proves he's smart because my daughter is a genius. (That has nothing to do with being her mom.) Love the picture too.

    Oh and Shiloh has discovered that if she takes all her clothes and diaper off, I have to get her back up to dress her. She'll stand in her crib and yell, "Mommy, I take diaper off!"

  4. That is very funny. So glad Jonathan hasn't got this down...yet....
    The kid is so adorable. I swear!

    Ooops. Not supposed to swear. My mother always says "let your 'yay' be 'yay' and your 'nay, nay.'"

    Your parents ever tell you that? :-)

  5. I somehow missed this one yesterday! I'm with Stephanie. Your little manipulator is both brilliant and BEAUTIFUL!


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