Sunday, December 21, 2008

God gives again

More of God's Christmas blessings to our family include a Wal-Mart gift card for $25 left anonymously on my husbands desk at church on Wednesday and a $50 Wal-Mart gift card from a couple in our church given to us this afternoon.

Since we have been blessed with a little bit extra lately we decided to go out to eat after church today which we hardly ever do. Several members of our church were at the restaurant when we showed up and they were all gone by the time we were done eating. (We are always the last to leave the church). When Jarrod went to pay for our meal the cashier told us it had already been taken care of. Man God is good!!!!

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  1. That's awesome. Sound's like you are blessed with great friends and an awesome church family. Merry Christmas!

  2. God is so good. He truly takes care of every little detail.

  3. thank you for sharing God's blessings in your lives! By doing so, you are letting us know how God is answering our prayers! We love you!

  4. There is a wonderful Gaither song that goes like this..."If it keeps getting better and better, O Lord I don't know what I'm gonna do".....when you give out of your need God gives back....abundantly more than you asked or cannot outgive him....It is obvious he is, GG


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