Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday: It Gets Strange Around Here

I overheard a conversation Elyse was having with God one day. I missed part of it. Here is what I did catch.

"Dear God... (and then she faded out for a minute, and then...) Do you hear me God? No buts God, no buts."

I can't imagine what he must have been saying but from the side of the conversation I did hear it sounds like God might need to spend some time in Time Out!

Isaiah asked to watched a movie the other day. It took his daddy a minute to figure out which one he was requesting when he asked very clearly for - The Lizard of Pause. After my husband caught on, together they enjoyed, The Wizard of Has (veggie tales).

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  1. "No buts, God. No buts!" Haaaaa. She cracks me up.

    We love the Wizard of Has! And all Veggie Tales!

  2. Haha. That's so cute. I love it.

  3. LOL! That is so cute. Wonder what on earth they were talking about :)


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