Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday Madness from Mouths of Babes: My Thoughts Exactly

A few years ago we had moved halfway across Texas to work in a group home as house parents to Jr. High and High School kids. We had only been there 4 months when we found out we would need to be finding a new job. The rules of the particular place we were at were that you could not work there and have more than two biological kids. So when we found out we were pregnant with our sweet Elijah we were told "Congratulations! You'll be missed." The arrangement that we made with our employer was that if we found work elsewhere we would be allowed to leave even if she had not found a replacement for us. In turn if she found somebody else we would need to leave regardless of our situation.

We spent months looking nonstop for another job with no luck. (Well nothing that would pay the bills) We were stressed, overwhelmed and occasionally wondering where God was in all of this.

One evening, here I am six months pregnant, knowing that at any moment not only would we be out of a job but, be homeless as we lived in the home we were working in... it had been a particularly emotional and stressful day. Elyse, who was 2 at the time was very fond of the song God is so Good, thanks to Veggie Tales. She walked around the house singing the words, "God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, he's so good to me" all the time. This particular day as she was seated at the dinner table waiting for the food to be served. She started in on her beloved tune but this time was a little different than all the others. Out of her mouth came the words that I had been silently and un-admittedly singing in my own head for weeks, even months.

"God is Okay..." was sung with such heart and feeling. My husband and I shared an amused look, which I dare say showed just the slightest a hint of agreement in it.

Well said, my funny little girl. I suppose if it’s in my heart I might as well tell it like it is. Leave it to the children to do so.

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