Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who Done It, Ain't Gonna Cut It.

My oldest son cracked me up at Thanksgiving this year. The cousins were all together at my parent’s house. There are ten of them seven years and under so any chance to get the bunch outdoors is okay with us. It had been a full day as most thanksgivings go, lots of fun, lots of laughter, and very few fights, that alone being a holiday miracle.
Several of the oldest cousins had been contentedly playing outside for a while when it started to sprinkle. I was preoccupied with Elijah inside and had not noticed the rain coming in to ruin all the fun. My brother had called the kids in to wait out the weather.

A few minutes later I saw Isaiah and his cousin Seth heading back out the door. I called Isaiah back in and told him he could not go back out yet because it was raining. Immediately Isaiah piped up with the first line of defense.

"No it's not." And then quickly realizing that with one glance out the window, that could obviously be shot down, he took another approach. "Seth did it!"

I have to be honest; I looked for a lesson here in this anecdote. It was a cute story and surely there was something to glean. Shifting blame, perhaps, not taking responsibility? I dove into the bible to see what the word had to say about responsibility, I didn't have much to learn here. Sure it's a good lesson but I don't struggle too much with trying to blame others, in fact I tend to blame myself for most things that go wrong. My husband and I have a continuing conversation, whether the kids are acting up, he's having a bad day, his order came out wrong at a restaurant. I say, "I'm sorry." Jarrod says, "what for?" "I don't know, I just thought maybe I needed to be sorry." He teases me and informs that I don't need to be sorry for everything.

Now, I am way off subject here... sorry!

As I was reading through the normal lessons that spring to mind in the area of shifting blame, still looking for a springing board I got the ever so gentle tap on the shoulder from a very wise man. (God in case you didn't get that) He reminded me of a lesson I need a lot in my life right now and once again, one of my kids helped bring it to my attention. Sure it was funny that Isaiah was trying to blame his innocent four-year-old cousin for bringing on the rain that was showering down on their parade. What's not quite as humorous is what was behind his motives. Isaiah had decided he wanted to play outside and he was looking for any excuse he could find for why Isaiah should get to do what Isaiah wanted to do. Trying to convince me it wasn't even raining, accusing his cousin in hopes that he could still go out and have some fun, and phooey on Seth.

Why do I fail to see the humor in this? My children are such glaring image of me sometimes. I do not like the reflection much these days. I want what I want and try my best to come up with all the reasons why I think it should be given to me. With not much concern for anything else going on around me. Who cares if somebody else ends up in time out as long as I get my time outdoors? Sure I’ll continue to think Isaiah’s declaration of “Seth did it!” as funny. It was very cute at the time! But I’ll continue to look at my often child like behavior and see if I can’t make it just a little closer to that of a budding woman of God.

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  1. Glad to see you back. I really missed you. I love the admission of "I'm sorry." I told your mom it is a learned behavior you got from your mom. Just this morning I told her something and she said, "I'm sorry" and I said, "why you were not the cause of it"......So, Jarrod although I think it nice of both of you to be "sorry for us" or to take the blame whatever you are doing it is time to break the cycle!...lest your kids have the same issues. You go Jarrod!!....and I love the story about the rain and Isaiah's response!! Kids say the darnest things is true!!! GG


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