Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's the Unexplainable, the Unfathomable... It's Bedtime

I don’t know if you have weeks like this but this has been THE week for our kids not wanting to sleep. Actually I think this goes all the way back to a couple of weeks ago when we were at my parents house and they were coming up with every excuse they could think of to delay bedtime. In fact, I don’t think our generation blames near enough of their problems on their parents ;0) so I’m just going to go ahead and say this is all Nana and Papa’s fault since it started at their house.

I have made some amazing discoveries about bedtime just in this last week however. I thought I would share a few of them with you. Children really are marvelous little people and I am always surprised with the way their minds and bodies can work.

For instants, it is fascinating to me how a four year old can develop, right at bedtime, a sudden unquenchable thirst. Water is suddenly like sugar to her and she cannot get enough.

In the same category as this drinking phenomenon is the way a three year old can take 10 minutes to drink two ounces of water. There is swallowing involved the entire time so you know they are not just playing or stalling hoping for just a few more minutes out of the confinements of their bed. They are actually taking five full minutes per ounce of water.

All of my potty-trained children have this strange medical condition in which they develop sudden bladder infections sending them to the bathroom every 20 minutes, just at nighttime. In the morning… they are cured! Again, this is just the potty-trained kids. Fascinating!

My middle son has a handy little talent in which he can squeeze out the tiniest little bit of poop any time the situation requires it. The threat that he will be in trouble if he does not really go poop after he, of course, suddenly just has to go 10 minutes after the lights are out has cultivated this talent in him. We are thinking of taking it on the road.

I don’t know, maybe it’s their bedroom. It really does seem to be a magical place. One where pacifiers disappear into an abyss, a land where toys suddenly sprout wings and fly up to the top bunk. This is a room full of invisible laughing children, and they are not my own children, just ask them, none of them were laughing or talking.

I’ve also come to realize that bedtime is not just a time that brings out the spectacular in children, but in grown men as well. I will forever be in awe of how a tired overworked father can, out of the blue, obtain the energy of two-two year olds during the bedtime routine and suddenly think that this would be the perfect time for a wrestling match followed by a quick gymboree class.

Bedtime really is a extraordinary experience!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The One In Wich My Daughter Tells It Like It Is

Jarrod wants me to sing a song with him at church in a few weeks. It is a beautiful song and I LOVE singing with Jarrod. I am a bit apprehensive though. My last attempt at public singing was a wreck. With me freaking out a few notes into it and for the rest of the song singing Jarrod's harmony part along with him. It was at my sister-in-laws wedding of all places… sorry Laurel.

After quickly realizing that my vow to never look another sole in the face ever again was going to be somewhat of a challenge, I resolved to never sing in public again. That would have to do.

But then Jarrod asked so sweetly and there were the beautiful brown puppy dog eyes, and oh, what’s a girl to do. Besides it really is such a fabulous song. I told him as long as we could practice a lot, and I mean a whole, whole, singing it in your sleep, lot, I would maybe think about considering singing with him at church.

So family trips in the car now consist of one song being played over and over again as Jarrod helps me struggle through my part. Today was no exception. But you know kids; we had not yet pulled out of the garage before the requests began. My precious daughter, who will now and forever be known for her blunt honesty asked, “Daddy, can we listen to that song that mommy can’t sing?”

Jarrod, bless his heart, tried to suppress his smile and said, “I’m not sure if this is the one she is talking about but we’ll see.”

He scanned through the tracks, our song began, and Elyse smiled contentedly. “Yes, that one!” Thanks Elyse

Darn my husband with his beautiful brown manipulative eyes, and his overpowering flattery, would you believe I am still considering singing in public with him in a few weeks?

I am also considering making a slide show of the pictures of Elyse sitting on the potty at two years old looking through a magazine and showing it at her senior prom.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bath Time Fun

Bath time took an interesting turn tonight... I had my nearly two year old playing contentedly in the tub while I assisted my older two in brushing their teeth at the sink. With one eye constantly on him and one eye on the progress of the older children I noticed Elijah stacking his toys along the back ledge of the bathtub. You know how they are at that age, always putting their toys in buckets, stacking them. Assured that he was okay I turned my thoughts back to the sink ant the task at hand. All the while keeping tabs on the bathtub. Once all the teeth were sparkling white I went to retrieve my clean prune of a son from the bath water and was horrified to discover that it was not his toys but... what better way to put this... his "waste" that he was neatly lining up side by side along the edge of the tub. Haven't had trouble with poo-poo in the the bath water since my oldest was just under a year old and I mistook what she had gotten expelled into the tub for the spaghetti meat sauce I was washing off of her. Kids always seem to keep you hopping (and fishing in the bathwater).