Monday, April 6, 2009

Bath Time Fun

Bath time took an interesting turn tonight... I had my nearly two year old playing contentedly in the tub while I assisted my older two in brushing their teeth at the sink. With one eye constantly on him and one eye on the progress of the older children I noticed Elijah stacking his toys along the back ledge of the bathtub. You know how they are at that age, always putting their toys in buckets, stacking them. Assured that he was okay I turned my thoughts back to the sink ant the task at hand. All the while keeping tabs on the bathtub. Once all the teeth were sparkling white I went to retrieve my clean prune of a son from the bath water and was horrified to discover that it was not his toys but... what better way to put this... his "waste" that he was neatly lining up side by side along the edge of the tub. Haven't had trouble with poo-poo in the the bath water since my oldest was just under a year old and I mistook what she had gotten expelled into the tub for the spaghetti meat sauce I was washing off of her. Kids always seem to keep you hopping (and fishing in the bathwater).