Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If Mama Can't See It Then Mama Can't Take It

My boys have outsmarted me. Like all siblings, I would assume, my children seem to LOVE to fight with each other. They have come up with some crazy off the wall things to fight over, who gets what chair at dinner time. The older two bicker about who gets to drink out of the coveted red cup... I am not at all sure what magic that one cup holds but they seem to know something that has escaped me. They fight over toys of course and my solution to that has been, if you are fighting over it I don't care who started it I take it away. It helps cut down on the arguing in the matter at least somewhat.

Like I said my 2 and 3 year old sons have come up with a way to get around this little rule of mine. Their solution? They have taken to squabbling over an imaginary treasure chest. Yes, you heard right, imaginary treasure chest. I am talking yelling and tears being shed over the dumb thing. From both of them. Today Isaiah took said chest out of his little brother's hands and swallowed it. This caused tears and tattling on Elijah's part. It took me a full minute to realize that Isaiah indeed did not need to be rushed to the emergency room for ingesting a foreign object because it doesn't exist. I wonder if one can gather up all the make-believe treasure chests that exist in this world and throw them in the trash... would two little boys resign themselves to the fact that there are no trunks left and thus end the fighting?