Thursday, April 26, 2012

Surviving the Little People

This weeks theme is... CONTROL!

I took back control of my house today... sounds funny but I am serious! I find myself so often telling people, "I am in survival mode." I am surviving until next week... surviving the day.... "if I can just survive until Jarrod gets home..." I realized somewhere along the way I quit being in charge in my own home.

While Jarrod has spent the the last 5 years in some form of ministry I have felt sorry for myself. While I LOVE getting to be a stay at home mom I feel like I am "missing out on serving God". Imagine if I had the opportunity to reach just 4 people... to minister to their lives and then send them out to change the world! Oh wait... I DO HAVE THAT OPPORTUNITY! This is an amazing calling! And I have been letting it pass me by. Concerned my kids will think I am no fun if I require too much responsibility out of them. Avoiding confrontation because it is just not worth their tears. Doing it myself because it is SO much faster!

Jarrod and I started out this journey determined that we were not raising children we were raising future adults! (Don't get me wrong, they need to get to let loose and have fun and enjoy their childhood) But wouldn't it be awesome if, during their short time here with me I could teach them to be respectful and responsible. So I took back control. Instead of Surviving my children I want to Sustain them. Instead of Seeking other ministry opportunities I want to Seize the ones right under my nose. And maybe from time to time instead of just Laying down the Law I can Let Loose with them and enjoy the journey!


  1. I'm so glad you are writing again. You were made to do it.
    If you touch a thousand lives but not theirs It won't matter at the end of the day, of course you know that.
    You have so much to offer them!!!

  2. I have really missed writing! Not sure if I was made to but it sure helps me organize my thought when I can get them down on paper (or screen).

    And I sometimes need the reminder about the job I have to do with my kids!

  3. shhhhh
    secretly taking down more sermon notes.

    taking control of your kids starts with taking control of yourself. Discipline requires discipline. I once read a book entitled "Future Men". It is on how to raise boys into men. There are 5 major points. I used it in our men's group because I realized that it was a good way to measure, "did we make it"? Am I that future man this book encourages? Another good lesson, Sarah.

    But you know me, I have to have a little humor. I remember you discovering "opportunities" that you "seized right under your nose" when you were little. We made you quit.


  4. Ok, new rule.... Your comments are not allowed to be funnier than my posts. You must comment based on the humor that I use. Got it?!

  5. We SO need to get that book and read it!


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