Friday, May 4, 2012

The Boy Makes His Grand Entrance

So today is my youngest boys happy birthday! 5 years! NO WAY!! What a blessing this little man has been to our family. He is incredibly funny! One of those effortless funnies too. It’ the best kind. He’s insanely cute. Dark curls, big brown eyes with long dark curled eyelashes that the very best in mascara has not managed to give me. He’s got this alabaster skin (not sure where that comes from) and a perfect little dimple in his right cheek. And the kid is smart. My two big kids... also geniuses of course can be sitting with their hands in their laps looking right at you while you are reading a story. And then when you are done they might not even be able to tell you who the story was about. (they get their wandering mind from their mama). Elijah can be flailing about all over the place and when you are finished he can tell you more about the story than even I can. He is so kind, going out of his way to please his sister even when she is being not quite as gracious to him. (that is of course when he is not the one ticking her off. But hey every little girl needs a pesky older brother sometimes....right?) Cuddly as all get out, he is. 
You get that I am kinda crazy for this kid don’t you? He’s been a blessing from day one. But getting him here... well that caused no small amount of stress in our lives. 
6 years ago, Jarrod and I lived in Tyler, Texas with Elyse and Isaiah and 3 (and for a short time 4) fabulous high school kids. We worked in a group home as house parents to these foster kids. It was awesome. One of THE MOST rewarding experiences of my life and Jarrod agrees! We began work there in May of 2006. We knew going into it that we could not work there with more than 2 biological kids. (something with the adult to kid ratio) This was fine. We were pretty sure we were done having kids and if we changed our minds it would be some time in the far future. 2 kids in 12 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days was enough insanity for the time being. I am sure you can guess where this story is heading. If you consider crossing your fingers and relying on pure dumb luck a good form of birth control, then Hannah is really the only kid we were “trying for”. As it turns out finger crossing and stupidity are not all that reliable so we took a more direct route after the "2 kids in 12 months, 2 weeks and 2 days incident". This also proved to be unreliable. Wouldn’t you know it, 4 months after our job started at Children’s village Elijah showed up on the scene, in a manner of speaking. We told our supervisor in October that we were expecting and the response from her and the director was, “Congratulations, you will be missed.” Pretty to the point! 
We began looking for another job. Our arrangement with Children’s Village was that we would give them two weeks notice when we found something else and they would give us the same courtesy. Meaning at a moments notice we could be told that they had found a replacement and we had 2 weeks to pack up and move out of our house and find another form of income. The race was on! My incredibly talented husband could not find a job that would pay the bills. For that matter he couldn’t really find one that did not pay the bills. Eek... 

For 5 months we looked, they looked... we panicked they interviewed... It was a LONG 5 months. I shared a bit of this story on here once upon a time. Elyse, who was 2 at the time and in love with the song "God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He's so good to me." Would walk around the house singing it all the time. One night as we sat down for dinner she began singing, out of nowhere, "God is okay..." We laughed and realized that was kind of what we were thinking at the time. As is ALWAYS the case with God he showed up in time and we moved to Sabinal, hardly exists on a map, Texas where Jarrod was a youth pastor for 4 years. And where, 7 weeks and 4 days later Elijah was born!!!!!! I mean God showed up JUST IN TIME! He has been pleasing us to no end ever sense . Though it was hard to say good-bye to 3 very precious kids in Tyler we are so very blessed that Elijah came and turned our world inside out and upside down! We love him muy, muy nacho as the goofball himself says!

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