Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just Like Mommy

My older daughter is a riot. She always has been. I had a fellow mom keep her in a nursery once when she was 9 months old. When I went to pick Elyse up she told me, “that is the funniest child I have ever been around.” That included her own kids. She has a GREAT personality. She’s helpful. It is a very rare day that she complains if I have asked her to do something. She is a care taker. She looks for ways to care for family members. Sometimes it’s helpful, other times... not so much! But shhh, that’s our little secret. If there is not a family member to care for she will find something else. I am not a pet person. I have no desire to take on a pet at this time. But Elyse wants a pet. She is desperate for one. She has kept snails in jars and fried chicken to go boxes. She’s built houses around a stream of worker ants. Two weekends ago she spent the entire weekend trying to catch a fly in an easter egg so she could keep it as a pet. And she succeeded. Sadly she lost her pet in a store a few hours later. Sorry Hastings, be glad it wasn’t her entire collection of slimy snails. I have not yet found a frog in one of my boys pockets but I would not be a bit surprised to find one in Elyse’s someday. She feeds her pets, drowns them from time to time in her attempt to give them water. Worries over them and checks on them obsessively. She is a mother. Some of these characteristics are just in her. She has capacity for compassion that blows my mind. It is way beyond anything I possess. A lot of it she gets from me though. She has to, they are characteristics that are learned. She watches me. She knows when she is sick she gets water and crackers on a T.V. tray and a bed made up on the couch. Guess what I get from her when I am sick? 
I am her picture of what a mother is. 
She is also bossy! If she is playing anything with anyone - everyone will be playing HER WAY or NO WAY! That’s just a fact. It irritates her to no end when she tells one of the boys something and they do not believe her. Guess where she learns these things? That’s right, her dad! Ok, ok... it’s from me. I tend to be a bit of a control freak. It’s my way or no way. And though I think often times at this stage in my children’s life that is the way it should be, they do need to follow my rules, and trust what I say. I think often times I have the wrong motivation behind my control freakishness. And I have to remember 
I am her picture of what a mother is.  

I am also her picture of God. When I am not quick to forgive, she may see a God who is not quick to forgive. If I am not patient and loving in my discipline she may see a God who is quick tempered and waiting for her to mess up so He can “lower the hammer”. I have been listening to a series my dad is preaching on Knowing Who God Really Is. And while she is too young to be studying the scriptures herself I have a big job to do. To know my God so well that I begin to mother in the same way that he so gently and kindly and patiently fathers me.
Know your God and then be your God to those around you. I bet you other people will want to know and be just like him too. 


  1. This post is making me think too much today.....but in a good way. :-) She's a doll and I bet a trip to know!

  2. great read! We went the pet fish route for aaron after years of begging - it as been a good fix for us!


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