Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Great Rescuer (Psalm 5, 35, 65, 95, 125)

I want to read through the whole bible, I really, really do... I have attempted it on several occasions but I always come up short. (yes, haha! Insert short joke here) I decided today that I would at least do my best to start with the Psalms and read all of them. You can read through the book of Psalms in a month and so I will endeavor to do so.

Here is how it works:

Begin with the Psalm that corresponds with the date*. For example, on the 15th of the month, read Psalm 15. Then, add 30 to that number to allocate the next Psalm. On the 15th, it will be Psalm 45. Continue adding 30 to identify the next Psalm for that day’s reading, until you have read five Psalms. So on the 15th of the month, you will read Psalms 15, 45, 75, 105, and 135.

I am not sure where the term blogging came from. I figure some of you internet nerds, ahem, I mean geniuses know. But this blog has really become more of a personal journal for me lately. And like I have always been known to do - I air my laundry... clean, dirty, dry or damp... and yes, usually wrinkled. (and some of you have been so kind to keep coming back to pick through it, thanks!) So, for my own benefit, I will journal about my Psalm reading here. This forces this ADD mind of mine to stop, focus and glean. Because I already know I am going to want to write when I am done.

Today's Reading was Psalm 5, 35, 65, 95, 125

Psalm 35:10
My whole being will exclaim, “Who is like you, Lord? You rescue the poor from those too strong for them, the poor and needy from those who rob them.”
There are those too strong for us. Enemies! Sometimes I think of myself as un penetrable “because God is on my side”. But then I go and forget that second part. It is Because God is on my side. Clearly we see in this verse, we need a rescuer. He wants to remind us that we cannot do it ourselves. We need him! He made us to need him. He wants to be the hero, to swoop in and rescue from those too strong for us. I think as a woman it is in my DNA to want a knight in shining armor moment. So why would I try to fight the dragons myself when I have the ultimate knight already perched on his horse waiting for my call. And how do I know He is capable of the task? Because Psalm 95 reminds me why:

Psalm 95:3-5 For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods. In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him. The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.

I mean really “Who [else] is like you, Lord?”


  1. wow where did my little girl go? She has become a scholar. Very good.

  2. Thanks mama... Your little girl has had some good teachers! And she has a LONG way to go...


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