Thursday, June 21, 2012

Letting Go Of The Little Things

I am taking a break from writing about Psalms today. (I did still read it though and it was great!)

I have had some bizarre symptoms the last month and have been put on mandatory bed rest. (Mandatory meaning Dr. Husband's strict orders) (Bed Rest meaning doing as little as possible with 4 kids running around) This means that Dr. husband, in addition to being our sole bread winner, has also had to become the house keeper. He gets home in the evening and starts in on the house work and laundry. The awesome husband award is going to have to get even bigger and better because this man is truly AMAZING and has certainly earned a good one! I have added heavily to the kids chores so that daddy has less to do when he gets home. They have been little troupers but I am remembering now why I'd rather just do things myself. I by no means have a spotless house on a regular basis but I like my drawers, cabinets and closets ORGANIZED! I am having to learn to let things go as my sweet little munchkins do their very best to help out. Things like this...

This is a 5 year old boys idea of putting away the silverware. 

And this...

You see that, right? Blue plates being sandwiched in between red plates
and then more blue plates. They are supposed to be blue together and then red, in that order.
My 6 year old does not seem to have the same strong feelings about this.

After asking the kids to start putting their dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink after they are done with them they have been very sweet to obey... even when the clean dishes have not yet been unloaded from the dishwasher. Dirty dishes have also been put back in the cabinet ready to be used again. This one is courtesy of the 2 year old and not really a new development.

I am SO grateful for all my helping little hands. In such a short time God has been able to begin to teach me what I have been incapable of learning in 32 years. To LET IT GO, to rest and not expect everything to be "just so". Next up - learning those three gracious little words when somebody outside the home offers to help. "Yes" and "thank you". This one may take a little longer! :)

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  1. I love it! Joseph's way of telling me I was over stressed was "just float, honey, just float." Well, needless to say I would yell....but Joseph I cannot float/swim so I don't know what you are talking about....So, he took me out to teach me to float....boy did I sink to the bottom a lot in those lessons! You have to trust the water to carry you and not yourself....There is definitely a spiritual lesson here. And I also had the same experience in my home, while I was sick and the children was helping....God speaks when we are flat on our back and the message comes through "loud and clear"... God told me clean houses are not the most important thing. People were....

  2. First - remind me not to eat at your house after the kids have loaded or unloaded the dishwasher. LOL. I am so proud of them - they want to help you and make everything better. They are so sweet. I know you are learning so much as a result of circumstances you can't change at the moment. It's just like the Lord to use our circumstances to bring maturity, humility and even rest. Good thoughts Sarah. love, your mama

  3. Grandma, what another great picture of "resting" in Him looks like. Another thing about floating is how weightless you feel. It is the same when we give it all over to God. The weight is gone.

  4. Funny mama, I thought about that as I was writing. "I am not really encouraging anybody to want to come for a meal anytime soon!" God certainly seems to have all kinds of lessons for me lately.


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