Monday, July 9, 2012

My Happy Place

"Find a Happy Place, 

Find a Happy Place, 

Find a Happy Place!" 

Today I am reminded of Peach from Finding Nemo and her hilarious quote as the dreaded Darla tapped on the glass of the fish tank.

I have a happy place. I went there today... in my mind. It's called Three Patches! How it got that name, I don't know. I am reasonably sure my family made it up. It was a wooded area we went to for picnics when I was a little girl. It was during the days that we lived in Wyoming and so I know I did not visit it after the age of 7 when we moved to Texas. But it holds treasured memories. It will always be a place of exploring, relaxing, family... just the five of us. To me it was our own little secret place (though I am sure it was not a secret) It will always be the place we let my older brothers beloved horny toad go. The place where I have a vivid memory of playing with my brother and sister while my parents looked on from a cozy spot on the ground where they lounged and smiled. It was safe and fun.

I wonder if my kids have a happy place. I am sure they will say Sea World is a lot of fun. Mc Donald's play place is always a favorite. But when they are older and want to take a little mental retreat I would love it if they escaped to a private place, that was just the six of us. Somewhere that was quiet and peaceful. Where mommy and daddy smiled and relaxed. Maybe it will be the dining room table, maybe we can find our own Three Patches. I just hope we are intentional about making memories for our kids. Memories we make together... not the kind that are made for us by strangers entertaining us. Not the ones that involve greasy french fries and sticky slides. Those places are fun too (maybe with the exception of the sticky slide) but I hope some of their best memories are the ones we make up all on our own. I hope they look back at and recall fun with the family being hugs and laughter not lines and chaos.

How about you? Do you have a happy place from your childhood? Are you carving out your own ones with your children now?

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  1. It really was called Three Patches. I have several comments to make but it would take too long to write. Remind me when we're together and I will share.

    Loved it!! LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!


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