Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So I said last week (you can read last week's post here our FIRST DATE) that date number two with my husband was for another post. This is that post!

Jarrod and I had that first date and then there was the swooning and the ooey gooey phone calls, and mushy looks for a week. It was pure obnoxious bliss! Jarrod came to see me at work every evening. (he got off an hour before me) He'd loiter by my desk, I'd try to act all smart and professional, we were ridiculously cute. And then came our first fight.

One night (I think it was the Wednesday after our first date) Jarrod had the nerve to NOT show up at my work. I called and complained. He said something very vague and guy like. To be honest I don't remember how it was resolved but we got over it pretty quick.  He smartened up and showed up to watch me close the rest of the week. Then it was the weekend again. At the time it seemed though like it had been months. We had plans to go to dinner that Friday night, date # 2. I remember talking to my sister on the phone at work that evening before the date. I told her what we had planned and then before we hung up I added. "And pray he asks me to marry him soon. I don't know what is taking him so long!"Yes, yes I know, one week... but it had been a REALLY long week.

We went to dinner at a nice restaurant in town and then we drove around for a bit. He suggested we find a spot outside somewhere to sit and chat. We ended up at a park. Jarrod wanted to go on this nature trail we had been on before when we were just hanging out as friends. I knew we had some strict guidelines, courtesy of my parents, as far as our "alone time" was concerned because we were technically in a courting relationship at the time. So I told him I didn't think it was a good idea. Too secluded. He seemed politely annoyed. In fact he had seemed annoyed the whole time we were driving around. He kept seeming to be headed to very specific places and then when we would get there he'd change his mind.

We settled for a picnic table we had driven by earlier at the park. He parked the car we walked a bit and sat. We chit chatted for a moment. Jarrod acted fidgety and uncomfortable. I had been a nervous wreck the week before on our first date. I figured it was his turn. (guys are always doing things backwards) He moved from the top of the table we had been sitting on to sit by my feet on the bench. He asked what I was thinking right then. I said something gushy, like, "I was just thinking how much I love you," interjected a few bats of the eyelashes, then asked what he was thinking.

He said, "I was thinking how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you." *Swoon*. And then he stuck his hand in his pants pocket and proceeded to get it stuck for a moment. So he says. I was busy looking dreamily into his beautiful brown eyes and thinking how lucky I was. He then, frustratedly, pulled out a beautiful diamond engagement ring, and said, of course, "Will you marry me!!!"

Apparently I said "yes" I still to this day don't remember saying it. In fact later, back in the car ,I do remember asking, "Did I even say yes?"

He swears I did. I do however remember grabbing him and kissing him! ;) It was a GREAT night. And this is the 9 year anniversary of the night I got engaged!

Many conversations followed that night. And one thing Jarrod was sure to clear up right away. That fight when he had been such a jerk and had not shown up at my work... He was asking for my dad's blessing and buying me an engagement ring. I would love to say that I have learned since then to stop jumping Jarrod's case and assuming something fishy is up when he is vague and cryptic. Man, would I love to say that.

As for the annoyed driving around that had taken place earlier that night. MY man remembered a conversation we had had much earlier in our relationship in which I had told him that it was my dream to one day get engaged in a gazebo. He very proudly had driven to our local down town gazebo that night just to find out it had been torn down to be rebuilt. He thought he had remembered seeing some other gazebos in town but everywhere he drove to... well... no gazebo. As for the nature trail he tried to take me on... He was pretty sure under the circumstances my dad would have been ok with it. Jarrod was thinking of a cozy bench we had stopped at before on our walk along the trail. The perfect proposal spot. I had to go and ruin that too. It's a wonder he still married me after all that. At least I can always say he knew what he was getting himself into!

Yes, I know this post is not helping the case for, "my family is not crazy". But in our defense Jarrod and I might as well have been dating for that year and half that we were "just friends". We did practically everything together. By the time we started actually dating we realized, what are we doing, let's just get married already. And we did... 3 months later... but that's for another post ;)

Somewhere I have an engagement picture too
but I can't find it either.
I assure you we are every bit as adorable here as we were then.

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