Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's Either Them or Me

Life’s tough when you are a kid. Life is tough when you are the middle kid. Heck... life is just tough. 

I thought maybe I found a solution to this. I way to make life a lot happier, a lot smoother. People, get rid of the people and life would be pretty good!

But my six year old reminded me tonight what the real problem is. 

I found my son sitting alone on the couch crying this evening. I dropped what I was doing and went to sit beside him to see what was wrong. He told me he was being left out by his older sister and younger brother. The mama bear inside of me rose up. I went and told my daughter to include him in whatever they were doing. So she quickly went and found her little weeping brother and told him he could also be her puppy along with their other brother. He declined. 


What were all those tears about? Why did I stop making dinner to resolve the problem? I listened patiently to my little boys complaint. I found a solution. And he rejected it with a sulk. I decided I was staying out of it and went back to preparing dinner. 

I continued to turn this situation over and over in my head. What was his problem? Why couldn’t he be happy and join in? 

Alas, I am not much different than my son. How many times have I left some function with my husband and complained, “So and so did not say one word to me tonight!”

“Oh really, and what did you say to her?” My obnoxiously wise husband will ask.

I heard a preacher say one time, “we pray to God and say ‘use me, use me! In whatever way you see fit please use me.’” Then one day somebody has the nerve to “use” us and we ask God why he allowed that to happen. Who is to say this was not God looking to see how useable we really are. 

It seems as though we really just want something to complain about. Some of us don’t know how to function if we are not the victim. If there is not drama in our life what in the world will we talk about?

So here is the lesson my mopey little son taught me tonight, or rather reminded me of. The world wouldn’t be better without other people. The world would be better with a little less of me. So there could be a whole lot more of Him! 

I need to check myself at the door with my coat and give other people a break! 

He must become greater; I must become less. John 3:30

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  1. We sang a song a few Sundays ago, that I have never paid much attention goes like this
    Jesus, be the centre
    Be my source, be my light
    Jesus, be the centre
    Be my hope, be my song
    Be the fire in my heart
    Be the wind in these sails
    Be the reason that I live
    Jesus, Jesus
    That Sunday the Lord showed me how out of balance I had become...We are here to give, not to get, to love unconditionally without a thought of getting anything in return. Children are self centered, hopefully we by now should be grown, but ever once in awhile God shakes us to let us know that we have some growing to do also.

  2. Good thoughts Roo - although I had a hard time getting past the picture of my little grandson crying cause he was feeling left out. Guess I was missing the point. Huh?


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